Video Set-up interviews

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On Friday June 21st I recorded interviews for folks at the newly founded Veterans Community Media Center in San Francisco. This was the first time I used a DSLR to record interviews. Since the Canon Rebel T3i does not have a headphone jack, I used an small portable audio mixer, and used it to monitor the audio. I used a wireless lavaliere and then used a special 1/4 to 1/8 cable to feed into the camera.
Some of the objects you see on the set were used as props.





My humanitarian-like coverage of the Same Sex Marriage Debacle in San Francisco


Back in 2008, I took notice when then San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom made public his intention of allowing gay couples to be legally married in the City. But so did all the people, institutions, churches, and other various miscellaneous entities who chose to oppose.
First I would like to make it clear, I don’t care about marriage, I didn’t like being married when I was, and I am in no way ever getting married again. But living in San Francisco you have a tendency to live next door and are friends with people, who have been affected either negatively or positively by same-sex marriage.

In the same year then Mayor Gavin Newsom allowed same-sex marriage, a ban on same-sex marriage  was elected by the people and placed on the California Constitution.  I immediately noticed the inequality and started doing my thing, which was to show the actions that took place in San Francisco over the ban on same-sex marriage, and create videos and take pictures of those effected by that ban.
I must now make this clear: I don’t think that gay or lesbian people should be denied their rights. My picture stories, videos, article and news posts have gotten thousands of hits. I will post the links of the coverage I created and produced for gay or lesbian folks who want to be able to marry legally in the United States and namely California.

Links here, http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-555488




2nd Camera Operator on Documentary

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On Saturday night I was hired to be the 2nd camera on a Documentary about the Imperial Court at an event. I originally was going to use a Sony S270U HD camera, but the person I was borrowing it from had transportation issues, so I had to use Plan B. Which was using my Canon Rebel T3i. I didn’t think it would be capable of being used to shoot a documentary on, but low-and-behold it worked great. Shot the footage in 1920×1080 24P, and a 32 GB memory card gets you at least 29 minutes.
I went through 3 fully charged batteries.
Also I am noticing that when using a DSLR to shoot video on has on it has adjustable ISO. So yes it has more settings, but I think the adjustable ISO on DSLR cams is the best feature about them. Conventional HD video cams have set ISO’s, that cannot be adjusted. But the DSLR’s do and I think that is the most brilliant aspect about them.


Super 8 videos


I used the mobile application 8mm to capture the following videos.

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