I’ve been homeless, I did indeed have problems getting a shower every day, I did indeed suffer through some cold days and nights, I was always hungry, I was always on my feet, washing clothes was a nearly impossible feat, I cried a lot, I felt lonely, I never ever got enough sleep, and my body started to break down, which brought on internal painful infections, and I had to deal with depression and PTSD, and while I was homeless my mom succumbed to cancer. It was a horrible 2.5 years, but fortunately I do have friends, and I did get some help. The people who are long term homeless are the ones’ society gives up on. And working at jobs while your homeless is draining and sometimes impractical because workers need to take showers and rest etc. Additionally many job finding organizations will not help homeless people. Many organizations rejected my plea’s for help.

The embedded video is from a site called Show and Tell