San Francisco’s City Hall Christmas Tree








I think they do a great job with the Christmas tree in San Francisco’s City Hall.

Morning of the 1st frost in Golden Gate Park

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Captured this shot using the iPhone 5C, which has a fixed ISO setting of 50.
It was in an area that was approx. 38 degrees in Golden Gate Park.

Coyote Encounters at Golden Gate Park

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It happened again.
True story.
This is fun stuff.
Walking along, in my usual spot in Golden Gate Park. listening and looking, thinking, BUT suddenly a biker stops and shouts out
“Mam, there is a Coyote behind you.”and sure enough their was female Coyote sniffing, up and down, walking back and forth in a zigzag repeatedly and I talked to her, and took pics, she then suddenly laid down in a meadow.
Without the bicyclist saying something I may have taken longer for me to see her.
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Watched a Pedestrian get hit in the Tenderloin.

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This is what can happen when pedestrians ignore the crossing lights.

Traffic was only moving approx. 2mph, and the pedestrian crossed against the walking sign and got hit by the commercial truck.
Since it was the Tenderloin it quickly turned into a chaotic scene.



Hike to ShipWreck Coast in San Francisco

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Shipwreck coast lies East of Lands End near a spot called Eagle Point.

It is located before the Golden Gate Bridge.




The hike down is easy, but intimidating.



Shipwreck Coast has several caves. But beware those caves are mysterious and have strange substances oozing from the walls.


Walking on this coast is not easy. Slippery rocks, jagged edges, falling cliff sides, or fallen trees could injure you if your not careful.


You will find many strange substances and some really interesting rock types.

You will also occasionally run into or smell Dead Sea life.

Those trees have a strange iron oxide rust like coating on them.


You will also find remnants of Sutro Baths.



If anyone would like a tour to Shipwreck Coast please contact me. I will provide a personalized tour of that area.

Wildlife Encounters in Golden Gate Park

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Had some very nice wildlife encounters in Golden Gate Park this past weekend. The Coyote is the female I have been photographing off and on for 2 years.

A Facebook entry by me: ”
Ladies and Gentlemen; please meet THE MOST PHOTOGRAPHED Coyote in SF, and maybe California.
This is the female parent I’ve been photographing, in Golden Gate Park for the last 2 years. I have over 7,000 photos of her; eating, carrying her young, walking on trees, protecting her pups, raising her pups, stalking and finally running.
I can tell she remembers me.
Yesterday I was walking along, heard some rustling of leaves off to my right, then I stopped, she then ran out in front of me. It’s a game we play, she runs or walks away fast, I catch up she then stops stares at me and this can go on for hours.

Coyote Golden Gate Park

Photos of the AC72 Catamarans Racing on the SF Bay

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IMG_0009 IMG_0021 IMG_0032 IMG_0056 IMG_0117 IMG_0148 IMG_0160 IMG_0365 IMG_0372 IMG_0427 IMG_0550 IMG_0607 IMG_0609 IMG_0631 IMG_0636AC72’s can foil which means that they can fly on water using daggerboards and foils on the end of those boards. The boards and foils must hold up 18 tons. They cannot foil under 18 knots. Foiling is like hitting a turbo and boosts their speed 35-40%.
Foiling consists of a 3 part platform.

Coyote Encounters

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The posts about Coyotes will be on-going. I would like to share my experiences between me and the Coyotes of Golden Gate Park. I have watched and photographed the same Coyote couple last year including a litter of pups. My goal is to show their wild side, but also show their beauty. Coyotes are dogs, so it is my opinion they should be given the same respect and dignity that are given to pet dogs. I have often felt unsafe around pet dogs, but at no time did the Coyotes act aggressive to me. Coyotes are a keystone species, so their presence is vital to the ecosystem. I have had many interesting encounters and with each encounter I learn something new.
For instance Coyotes like to “take the high road” so-to-speak so they will often get to vantage points above you, and look down. They also do often sneak out of the bushes. The encounter I wrote about below was interesting.

I’m always looking for them, I constantly scan, look around, up, down, all around, but more often than not their always looking at me, either on top of a hill, behind bushes, trees,or grasses. If I don’t see them, they will see me.



Coyotes of Golden Gate Park Year 2

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Year two of my coverage of the Coyotes in Golden Gate Park.

Since I am photographing those Coyotes I feel obligated to say a few things; 1.) Please leash your pet dogs unless they are in dog playing areas.
2.) If you see a Coyote and are scared simply stomp your feet raise your arms and make yourself look bigger than them and they will run away. Please do not throw anything at them and please do not feed them.

Flickr Set here with fresh pics. http://www.flickr.com/photos/rebelgirl/sets/72157629918572669/


Briefly photographed “No XL Keystone Pipeline protest

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Yesterday I checked out a No on XL protest. Firstly I don’t know what XL meant. I think it has something to do with a pipeline. Secondly, I was not treated very well while photographing that protest. Thirdly I still don’t know what all the signs meant.
But if you look at the photos you can see that I cover all angles when it comes to photographing the full scope of the event.






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