Assisted Injured ATV’ers while off-roading in the Pine Nut Mountains.

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While off-roading in the Pine Nuts we came across an ATV accident. A Razer rolled over injuring the two occupants. When me and my friends encountered this we stopped and offered what help we could. Two helicopters flew in to remove the injured parties.
We gave them bearings and my friend drove a person to the paved road to hopefully lead an ambulance to the scene. The helicopters arrived before the ambulance. We were miles away from civilization.

Conclusion; This occurred miles away from civilization along public lands road P16. In an area that is dry, and very sunny. I sent the Douglas County sheriff a comment on Twitter saying I thought that officer went above-and-beyond his call-of-duty. Same with the rescue personnel. It was all very professional. Turns out the victims were not seriously hurt.

Photos from the scene. A link to video from the scene here>>>https://youtu.be/WYNc3WcyQW8


Sunset over the Sierra Nevada’s from a hill in the Pine Nut Mountains.


My Grand Cherokee looking at the Sierra Nevada’s.


Looking down into the wild horse theater.


Panorama of the Carson Valley.


The ATV roll-over accident scene.


The ATV roll-over accident scene


Douglas County Rescue Helicopter and sheriff


The ATV roll-over accident scene


The ATV roll-over accident scene


Rescue Helicopter Pine NUt Mountains.


Rescue Helicopter Pine NUt Mountains.


Medical waste on the trail.


Me and my friends fearless off-road vehicles.


This is when we encountered the accident scene.

Camping in Mendocino County during an El Nino Event!

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One day me and a friend had made a decision to go off-roading at the Lost Coast in California during a weekend when a major El Nino event was going to drench the state. We talked and then we prepared for it. My friend has a Toyota Land Cruiser 4×4, and he was very familiar with the Lost Coast.

We chatted back and forth on FB for a week. However the day before we were heading out Caltrans District 1 posted a photo online of a major landslide that occurred 5 miles North of WestPort, CA, on highway 1. That was the road we’re supposed to take to the Lost Coast, but the scene was so bad a truck driver had almost gotten pushed over the slide of a cliff from the unstable hillside, so they closed the road indefinitely. When we arrived in Fort Bragg we thought the road would be open by the time we got there, but a big road side sign said “Road Closed Ahead.” Our plans were thwarted, but we quickly came up with another plan. That plan was to try to camp at one of the area campgrounds, BUT turns out they were also closed. Online it indicated that Van Damme State Park was open, but it said nothing about no camping. So my friend happen to know people in that area, so we went to their ranch and camped in the rain.


Trail blocked by downed trees.


This is the set-up we used to stay dry.


Cooking bacon on the BioLite stove.


Mendocino County is God’s Country.


Off-roading during an El Nino event.


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