Vandals destroying wildlife habitats in Golden Gate Park

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Hacked by a vandal

Tree limb hacked by vandals

Wildlife habitat attracts tourists

Wildlife habitat attracts tourists, children and parents

A wildlife habitat is being vandalized in Golden Gate Park.

Hacked by a vandal

Do Not Feed the wildlife sign vandalized.

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Sheesh that sign has only been up approx. 2 months and someone has already vandalized it.



Wildlife at North Lake in Golden Gate Park.

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I am not always nocturnal. I like food, and I will get aggressive if I know you have food and you ain’t sharing it, I will bite, I growl, my claws are sharp, I will stare down a dog of equal or lesser sizes, I communicate, but only some of you can comprehend, I can climb, swim, jump, do flips in the air, sit like a person, but I do have a personality, and I am smart, I have feelings, and I’m cute.
Please respect and preserve my presence.
I’m a raccoon!

I explain more in this video Wildlife at North Lake in Golden Gate Park

And here are one of many fine encounters I’ve had with the raccoons.
Raccoons at Night

Although it’s illegal to feed them people still do. Why because people love them.
Raccoons eating


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