Heather Heyer is a Hero: The Bay Area’s Response to her Murder

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Heather Heyer was murdered by an alt-right/white nationalist psycho with his car. The alleged murderer is James Fields, who is from Ohio. Heather Heyer had no flaws. She was an advocate for the disenfranchised, and was always spreading the message of love and equality. She was a paralegal who cared about other people. Justin Moore who is some sort of dragon/creature in the KKK exclaimed to media “I’m sorta glad that them people got hit and I’m glad that girl died.”


Pics from Ocean Beach Rescue.

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On Wednesday April 8th, while sitting at a friends house, and I suddenly started hearing a lot of sirens. So I turned on the scanner, and a rescue operation of swimmers in the water was underway at Ocean Beach in San Francisco. After finishing up, I ran to the scene and this is what I captured.








Update: On Thursday April 10th search for 14 year old boy, swept away at Ocean Beach, called-off.


This is the surfer who pulled two people out of the water.

Photographed aftermath of shooting in San Francisco


During the San Francisco Giants Victory Celebration there had been a shooting in San Francisco’s tenderloin neighborhood, and I responded to the scene in hopes of getting footage and selling it. No one bought any footage, but I did get some dramatic photos.

If and when medics arrive at shooting scene they immediately start treating the victims, and one thing they do first is cut most of the clothing off and leave it on the street even if they are covered or soaked in blood.

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