4th Trapped Raccoon Released Humanely

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4th Raccoon released humanely by me and the homeowner. Raccoons can be pests. They are cute, and lovable, but they like to destroy homes and the things around homes. So sometimes the raccoon has to be trapped and relocated to better environs, where they won’t have to be trapped ever again. Trapping them in cages is 100% more humane than poisoning them. Besides poisoning them means you have to smell dead animals for weeks. Nowadays, poisons have a trickle down effect on the community, which means any animals can eat the poison, or some animals will eat other animals that have been poisoned. I hope that makes sense.
Anyhow the raccoon released this morning was full of energy when it was let out of the cage. The locations where the raccoon’s are released should be kept confidential.

Another Trapped Raccoon Released Humanely

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Trapped Raccoon Released Humanely

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My wildlife adventures continue;
A homeowner in San Francisco, called me up and stated she had a raccoon trapped on her deck in a metal trap. She set the trap because wildlife had been tearing up her plants, and was generally wreaking havoc on the deck/patio of her home constantly for the last year. She wanted to end that “wildly chaos” as humanely as possible, so she bought and set a trap. The raccoon climbs onto her deck, so using chemicals on the ground will probably not deter raccoon’s that climb onto the decks or property.

Well low-and-behold she got one in the trap, so we together packed it up, and took it to location where we thought he could live and thrive away from homes. The rules state if you trap an animal it must be released or killed humanely. But it is illegal to do so in the State of California. It’s a quandary. There are plenty of misconceptions, about relocating raccoons, but people have been doing it for decades. IMHO it is better to give them a second chance once they’ve been trapped instead of killing them.
It is common knowledge that City departments like Animal Care and Control get irritated by homeowners requests for help with raccoons. This raccoon seemed to be an adult male, likely a bachelor, he’ll have new territory which is near water and an abundance of food to stake his new claim away from homes.

Video here>>>>>>Released Raccoon<<<<<

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