Seeking Reports of Coyote Sightings in San Francisco

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Dear San Franciscans: I am a wildlife photographer in San Francisco. And I am requesting that community members please report to me any sightings of Coyotes within City and County limits.
Please send sighting info to dinaboyer2 [at] gmail.com, or message me on my blog. https://dinaboyerphotography.com/

I am a wildlife photographer in San Francisco, and have been documenting the presence of Coyotes in San Francisco, for the last 3 years. There have been many sightings from all over the City and I am starting a project that will in effect document, where the Coyotes are traveling, and where they are living. The goal is make the community more aware of their presence and to educate San Franciscans about co-existing with them. I am also wanting to get Coyote crossing signs installed in various locations throughout the City.
When you report the sighting, please include, date, time, location and how many Coyotes were sighted.
Please send sighting info to dinaboyer2 [at] gmail.com

Field notes from a wildlife photographer

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Annoying fact. When I spot another person in the same forest I’m in, I know for a fact that the wildlife, will not present themselves to me.
External vibes, from uncontrollable sources, effect the internal interaction between species in the field.
In order for a photographer to achieve, the photographer and the subject should be alone.

San Francisco Scenes Using the Hipstamatic app

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Coyotes will not eat your dogs


Recently NBC BAY AREA came out with a report that coyotes are showing up in odd areas within San Francisco City Limits. In the piece it stated that one lady said a Coyote went after her pet Chihuahua . http://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Coyote-Urban-Wild-Creatures-Appear-in-Downtown-SF–236280831.html?_osource=SocialFlowFB_BAYBrand
I don’t believe the statement.
I’ve seen Coyotes back down from Wild Turkeys.
If you see a Coyote raise your arms, stomp your feet and holler. It will back down.
Coyotes are trying to fatten-up. This is the month they mate.


Coyote sightings in Golden Gate Park.

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The tide has turned in Golden Gate Park when it comes to Coyote sightings, and encounters. I can walk along certain paths, then I stop listen and look and now more often than not the Coyotes are watching me and stalking me. They are not threatened by me because they look at me for extended periods of time, and then they move on or get closer.




The yearling or juvenile Coyote watching me in the photos are one of the pups in one of the photos from a year ago.

San Francisco’s City Hall Christmas Tree








I think they do a great job with the Christmas tree in San Francisco’s City Hall.

Morning of the 1st frost in Golden Gate Park

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Captured this shot using the iPhone 5C, which has a fixed ISO setting of 50.
It was in an area that was approx. 38 degrees in Golden Gate Park.

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