YOU COMING? Another Precious Urban Coyote Encounter

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You Coming? An Urban Coyote Encounter

I think this is a female, who is pregnant, maybe why she has a pack of male Coyotes, who come running to protect her? I will find out.
Today I walked up on this Coyote while he/she(?) was laying down on the ground. There were duck feathers everywhere, then I noticed bone fragments, a partial head, and a foot from this Coyote’s last meal.
When a Coyote takes off running their initial stance is so confident and wrought with strength that you can feel and hear them. Today my heart skipped a beat when I walked up on this Coyote and it ran off. They always seem scared at first, but after while they seem to entice me or lead me on.
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Lured by a Coyote?

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Yesterday during a brief visit to the park, it is my belief I got lured by a Coyote. Circled the den area two times. On the 2nd time around, the Coyote in the photo, would stop, look at me, bark,(yes that’s right “bark”), and move to another area, I would walk towards him, and he would walk away, but only maybe 30 feet away, he would then stop and look up, and he barked again, this went on for 30 minutes, but then I suddenly realized I was in a very different area, and when I looked around I noticed Coyote hair in amongst the briars and branches.
So that Coyote led me to one of their den entrances, a new access point, that I never knew about. I am wondering why?
It is also my opinion that Coyote was in a playful mood.

Juvenile male Coyote Hair from Coyotes in amongst the briars

Coyote encounter Golden Gate Park

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On my usual walk, and then I heard what I thought were more people in the bushes, like a rustling of reeds or weeds or bushes, but the noise turned out to be a Coyote flanking me to my left. He was sort of behind me. He was totally watching me. I moved a couple of feet then he moved a couple of feet. I moved closer and then he took off. It is my opinion he followed me for about 100 feet into my walk.

Coyote Golden Gate Park

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Coyote Yelps and Howls from Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. click here >>>Coyote Yelps<<<

Coyote encounter while leaving Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival 2014

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True story, while leaving the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival I decided to go back to the wildlife area and look for those owls. It just so happens, I found the owls, who were fighting with the ravens, but then once again, another hiker pointed out the Coyote was staring at me.

This owl was being mobbed by Ravens

Coyote encounter Golden Gate Park Coyote encounter Golden Gate Park  Coyote encounter Golden Gate Park

Coyote Encounters on the Virginia Range in Nevada

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I encountered several Coyotes while exploring, scouting-for and or discovering the wildlife on the Virginia Range in Nevada. I cannot give up the exact location, but they live amongst wild horses, free range cattle, and heavy truck and or auto traffic east of Reno Nevada.

Went out to photograph wild horses, and also met a  Coyote.

Went out to photograph wild horses, and also met a Coyote.

Went out to photograph wild horses, and also met a Coyote.

Went out to photograph wild horses, and also met a Coyote.

Went out to photograph wild horses, and also met a Coyote.

Went out to photograph wild horses, and also met a Coyote.

Went out to photograph wild horses, and also met a  Coyote.

Went out to photograph wild horses, and also met a Coyote.

Taking the High Road!

Taking the High Road!

Seeking Reports of Coyote Sightings in San Francisco

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Dear San Franciscans: I am a wildlife photographer in San Francisco. And I am requesting that community members please report to me any sightings of Coyotes within City and County limits.
Please send sighting info to dinaboyer2 [at] gmail.com, or message me on my blog. https://dinaboyerphotography.com/

I am a wildlife photographer in San Francisco, and have been documenting the presence of Coyotes in San Francisco, for the last 3 years. There have been many sightings from all over the City and I am starting a project that will in effect document, where the Coyotes are traveling, and where they are living. The goal is make the community more aware of their presence and to educate San Franciscans about co-existing with them. I am also wanting to get Coyote crossing signs installed in various locations throughout the City.
When you report the sighting, please include, date, time, location and how many Coyotes were sighted.
Please send sighting info to dinaboyer2 [at] gmail.com

Coyotes will not eat your dogs


Recently NBC BAY AREA came out with a report that coyotes are showing up in odd areas within San Francisco City Limits. In the piece it stated that one lady said a Coyote went after her pet Chihuahua . http://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Coyote-Urban-Wild-Creatures-Appear-in-Downtown-SF–236280831.html?_osource=SocialFlowFB_BAYBrand
I don’t believe the statement.
I’ve seen Coyotes back down from Wild Turkeys.
If you see a Coyote raise your arms, stomp your feet and holler. It will back down.
Coyotes are trying to fatten-up. This is the month they mate.


Coyote Encounters at Golden Gate Park

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It happened again.
True story.
This is fun stuff.
Walking along, in my usual spot in Golden Gate Park. listening and looking, thinking, BUT suddenly a biker stops and shouts out
“Mam, there is a Coyote behind you.”and sure enough their was female Coyote sniffing, up and down, walking back and forth in a zigzag repeatedly and I talked to her, and took pics, she then suddenly laid down in a meadow.
Without the bicyclist saying something I may have taken longer for me to see her.
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Day 17,886 of my Life: In pictures.


My day in pictures on Sunday October 27, 2013. First was a red-light runner accident at Van Ness and Ellis Street in San Francisco. I witnessed it. I have other pics but it was a bloody accident.

Next up was my mighty fine Coyote encounter in Golden Gate Park.


And then naturally of course hung out with my favorite brood of critters.

Then on the way back into the City ran across the scene below at Divisadero and McAllister.







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