This is a story about a rat and a squirrel.

The rat, born from other rats, that were born from other rats and so and so on. They inhabit this earth in many environments. On the City streets, in buildings, in houses, in barns, in ships and in the forest. They are considered pest’s, deadly invaders of our cities, rampaging warriors of destruction in our houses, or disease spreading varmints.

The squirrel, born from other squirrels, that were born from other squirrels, and so on and on. They inhabit inner city parks, urban parks, in or around our countrified yards, and in the forest. They are considered the cute little varmints that can climb, wag their tails, make funny noises and eat food we give them.

Rats can be considered aggressive; whereas squirrels are considered cute. But in the forest the rat and the squirrel will eat from the same plate. Both will eat a peanut together rather than they both fighting for both meals.The Rat and the Squirrel