Coyotes will not eat your dogs


Recently NBC BAY AREA came out with a report that coyotes are showing up in odd areas within San Francisco City Limits. In the piece it stated that one lady said a Coyote went after her pet Chihuahua . http://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Coyote-Urban-Wild-Creatures-Appear-in-Downtown-SF–236280831.html?_osource=SocialFlowFB_BAYBrand
I don’t believe the statement.
I’ve seen Coyotes back down from Wild Turkeys.
If you see a Coyote raise your arms, stomp your feet and holler. It will back down.
Coyotes are trying to fatten-up. This is the month they mate.



Coyote sightings in Golden Gate Park.

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The tide has turned in Golden Gate Park when it comes to Coyote sightings, and encounters. I can walk along certain paths, then I stop listen and look and now more often than not the Coyotes are watching me and stalking me. They are not threatened by me because they look at me for extended periods of time, and then they move on or get closer.




The yearling or juvenile Coyote watching me in the photos are one of the pups in one of the photos from a year ago.

Wildlife Encounters in Golden Gate Park

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Had some very nice wildlife encounters in Golden Gate Park this past weekend. The Coyote is the female I have been photographing off and on for 2 years.

A Facebook entry by me: ”
Ladies and Gentlemen; please meet THE MOST PHOTOGRAPHED Coyote in SF, and maybe California.
This is the female parent I’ve been photographing, in Golden Gate Park for the last 2 years. I have over 7,000 photos of her; eating, carrying her young, walking on trees, protecting her pups, raising her pups, stalking and finally running.
I can tell she remembers me.
Yesterday I was walking along, heard some rustling of leaves off to my right, then I stopped, she then ran out in front of me. It’s a game we play, she runs or walks away fast, I catch up she then stops stares at me and this can go on for hours.

Coyote Golden Gate Park

Coyote Encounter Golden Gate Park

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Stepping looking stepping looking I see her, but she doesn’t see me, curled up, a sentry to her home above the ground, while her children stay below. She doesn’t defend but draws away any who choose to proceed. I should be a wildlife ambassador for that park. Struck up conversations with complete strangers and informed them about those Coyotes.

Scientific name Canis Latrans

Scientific name Canis Latrans

Scientific name Canis Latrans

Scientific name Canis Latrans

Coyote Encounters

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I remember this moment. I was walking around, looking down and around for movement. Movement can indicate a critter is their amongst the grass, the trees, the sand, the dirt, the weeds, the brush. Suddenly!
I spotted him and he spotted me. I sat down, waited, snapping photos, and he moved closer and closer, then he stopped, and began staring intently trying to possibly figure it all out. Or inquire about food? Or see if I was friend or foe. Whatever it was this encounter has been one of the most precious.


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