Now using trees as tripods when out in the field.

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Ultrapod 2I’ve been through so many tripods I finally got smart, so now I’m using the trees as tripods. Bought something called an UltraPod 2, so I am able to get ingenuitive when it comes to having tripods in the woods/forest. If you hit the hotlink it will take you to a site that sells the UltraPod 2.

Purchased a Canon Rebel T3i

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Yesterday I purchased a new Canon T3i. Wolf Camera is closing down stores in San Francisco, so I went to one of them and a T3i was sitting in the box on a shelf. It was their last one and was selling for $674 plus tax. I even got a new bag for free. It has some exciting features, some of which I know nothing about, but I will learn and use it and exploit it to its full potential. Hopefully most of the work you’ll see coming out of me in the future will be done using my the Canon Rebel T3i. I do also currently own two Canon Rebel XTi’s, and both have made me thousands of dollars and have brought out the best when it comes to my photography work.

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