Photographed Rocky Fire in Clearlake, CA

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Update: On August 14 2015 the Rocky Fire has been 100% contained.

On July 29th at approx. 3:30pm a fire was spotted near Clear Lake California. More photos here>>>>>Rocky Fire Clearlake, CA

The Rocky Fire has consumed at least 60,000 acres and as of 8/4 it is only 12% contained. The fire has used at least 26 aircraft, 301 Fire engines, 57 dozers, 40 water tenders, and over 3,000 firefighters. The longitude and latitude of the fire is -122.4762475/38.8863538
So far 24 residences, 26 outbuildings destroyed, and 3 structures damaged.

Updated stats: As of August 6 2015  69,600 acres have burned and the fire is not 40% contained.
43 residences, 53 outbuildings destroyed; 8 structures damaged.
Rocky Fire repopulation guidelines.

Counties effected are Lake, Yolo & Colusa Counties.

Facebook post: “If I had turnout’s(fire-proof clothes) I could have walked right into the fire. I mean literally, I could have walked up to the flames. But I can say this, lots of explosions and fuel. Not sure what the explosions were about, maybe propane tanks, but anyhow the explosions were throwing debris into the air and the stuff would fall in random spots. And flames were big, but not 100 footers, maybe 30-40 foot flames.”

Structure under threat

When I cover fires, one of the things I do is trying to connect with locals or people affected by the fires. And in doing-so, you learn what they need to know and I learn what I need to know, and I like to get insider info on alternative access points. Local’s expressed repeatedly they’d like to hear real time information on logistics about the fire. Their also mentioned repeatedly that mainstream media go in they only air the juicy footage, and they never really give logistics and real-time up dates on the ground. Residents and Fire official’s hold community meetings almost daily, but yet the residents are still thirsty for more information.
I took both my police scanners yesterday and they both became hovering points for the locals. Everyone wanted to hear what the firefighters were saying about the progress of the fire. That kind of info apparently is not being disseminated at the community meetings.
And I had 2 people follow me to locations outside the perimeter just to listen in on the scanner. Those police scanner mobile apps do not work.


Structure under threat

While everyone is sleeping there are homeowners fighting at night to keep the flames away from their houses. Firefighters are helping, but they will be up all night fighting back the flames.

IMG_2710-001 Fire retardant aka slurry

The orange/red stuff you see is known as fire-retardant. It is also called slurry, and it is dyed red to aid firefighters. The material is a powder and it is basically dye and fertilizer. The slurry does not evaporate and it clings to vegetation.

The Rat and the Squirrel.

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This is a story about a rat and a squirrel.

The rat, born from other rats, that were born from other rats and so and so on. They inhabit this earth in many environments. On the City streets, in buildings, in houses, in barns, in ships and in the forest. They are considered pest’s, deadly invaders of our cities, rampaging warriors of destruction in our houses, or disease spreading varmints.

The squirrel, born from other squirrels, that were born from other squirrels, and so on and on. They inhabit inner city parks, urban parks, in or around our countrified yards, and in the forest. They are considered the cute little varmints that can climb, wag their tails, make funny noises and eat food we give them.

Rats can be considered aggressive; whereas squirrels are considered cute. But in the forest the rat and the squirrel will eat from the same plate. Both will eat a peanut together rather than they both fighting for both meals.The Rat and the Squirrel

Dwight Yoakam at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival 2014

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Yea, Dwight Yoakam at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival 2014. What a treat. Loved this mans music for the longest time, but have only heard him twice, live, including today. Dwight has an authentic sound, with his own touch, make shim an artist not be ignored or dismissed.  More information on him can be seen here, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dwight_Yoakam

My Flickr photo set here >>>>Dwight Yoakam<<<<.

IMG_6586 IMG_6672 IMG_6829 IMG_6924 IMG_6808 IMG_6660

Photographed Muni Street Car vs Muni Bus Collision


At approx. 11:30am an East bound San Francisco MTA street car rear ended an East bound Muni bus. At least a dozen injured including children.
I arrived on scene approx. 9 minutes after the collision occurred.



Memorial Day Presidio San Francisco

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Attended the Memorial Day Service at the Presidio in San Francisco. This year marked the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War. I am also a military veteran.







Full video of US Navy Hovercraft departing Ocean beach in San Francisco.

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Spotted Coyote Juvenile today in Golden Gate Park

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I went to Golden Gate Park today on a whim. Didn’t want to go, but I did. When I arrived at the sweet spot, fire engines were blazing their sirens through the park close to the area. Thats’ when I heard them. All the Coyotes were howling at the sirens. I ran to the area, and one of the juveniles showed his/her face. I haven’t figured out this ones’ sex yet, but I am figuring it’s male because of the size. I ran into this one after turning in an area. The others’ were dug in to the ground. I suspect they now have multiple dens. At some point the dens merely become hide-outs or rendezvous points for the whole family.

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