San Francisco is ground zero for the women’s right to choose movement. Every year the battle between those who choose to either heavily regulate a women’s body(anti-abortionists), and those who say women have the right to choose, are fought on the streets of San Francisco.
It’s been happening ever since Roe V. Wade.
This year was no different; however, the pro-choice movement was heavily planned and organized by left wing fringe groups.
When it comes to a women’s body it is my opinion all fringe groups need to stay out of the movement.
But when it comes to abortions or the right to choose those freedoms are being diluted by small steps in law and/or regulations.

This years anti-abortionists counter demo was seemingly planned and organized by
They seem to be a left wing fringe group?

Time to recycle the pro-choice movement?

Other left wing fringe groups?

The women’s right to choose movement used to involve grass roots organizations, and people from the community. Together they were all very very fierce. I fear the small incremental steps politicians are doing to heavily regulate a women’s body are because the right to choose movement is split up and tired.