Photographer and Videographer For Hire

Need your memorial, funeral, wedding, theatre group, board meeting, birthday or event recorded? I am available to videotape or photograph your event. I can also use to state of the art technology to stream your event on the Internet, live or with a delay globally.
Equipment list includes:

  • TriCaster
  • HD/SD cameras
  • video conferencing cameras
  • special effects systems(green screen)
  • lighting
  • Live streaming technology(can also offer streaming site/venue)
  • editing applications and systems
  • Digital SLR’s with Flashes
  • Final Cut Pro, NewsEdit, iMovie and or Avid DV Express editing software.
  • GoPro camera

Can record on location or in a studio.

I am experienced in producing custom videos of weddings memorials, birthday’s, theatre groups, lawyer informational videos, school informational videos, or political videos and can set-up to air or stream live on the Internet or for editing on my state of the art editing systems. Additionally I have documented live breaking news events, funerals, or disasters. I have also photograph properties for realtors, and have photographed property for insurance companies.

Rates are either half day, full day, or can be project based. Please email or call for quotes.

My video editing rates are charged by hour. I have access and can use Final Cut Pro, Avid, NewsEdit, or iMovie.

I can also write scripts for commercials, birthday videos, wedding videos, business profiles, news packages (VO/SOT, VO), PSAs, print, websites, and television programming.

Half day and full day rates are also available for my television direction services. Together we have 30 years experience directing television programming, PSAs, commercial productions and field shoots.

DVD authoring will be charged by the hour. I have access to and can use DVD Studio Pro, iDVD and various PC-based DVD authoring applications.

Half day or full-day rates are also available for, commercial, event and wedding photography services.

My Rate Card here
Position Equipment Rates

  • Videography w/o equipment $25.00
  • w Standard Definition camera $100.00
  • w/ High Definition camera $250.00
  • accessories mics, lights, teleprompter $25-125.00 add.
  • Digital Photography w/o equipment $25.00 hr
    w DSLR $50.00 accessories lighting add $10.00 hr

Video Editing

  • w/o equipment $25.00 hr
  • with equipment $100.00 hr
  • with advanced graphics $15.00 add. Hr
  • with specialized fonts $15.00 add. hr
  • Special Effects $25.00 hr add.
  • Live Streaming Video with equipment $250.00 hr

Disclaimer: If project requires video-taping, editing and delivery using DVD formats then I charge using project based pricing. Weddings, theatre events, performances or convention coverage is charged by project based pricing.

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