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One aspect I love about my photos is when I actually look at them. I love photojournalism, which is why I do what I do. It is my favorite type of photography, but sometimes MY photos do indeed trigger emotions.
Mostly my comments are WOW! But sometimes it takes me deeper.
I see the faces within the surrounding environment, and I am just amazed at the various reactions from the folks I’m photographing.
What do you see in this photo?
I see confidence, fear, contemplation, and dependency.


Camping in Mendocino County during an El Nino Event!

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One day me and a friend had made a decision to go off-roading at the Lost Coast in California during a weekend when a major El Nino event was going to drench the state. We talked and then we prepared for it. My friend has a Toyota Land Cruiser 4×4, and he was very familiar with the Lost Coast.

We chatted back and forth on FB for a week. However the day before we were heading out Caltrans District 1 posted a photo online of a major landslide that occurred 5 miles North of WestPort, CA, on highway 1. That was the road we’re supposed to take to the Lost Coast, but the scene was so bad a truck driver had almost gotten pushed over the slide of a cliff from the unstable hillside, so they closed the road indefinitely. When we arrived in Fort Bragg we thought the road would be open by the time we got there, but a big road side sign said “Road Closed Ahead.” Our plans were thwarted, but we quickly came up with another plan. That plan was to try to camp at one of the area campgrounds, BUT turns out they were also closed. Online it indicated that Van Damme State Park was open, but it said nothing about no camping. So my friend happen to know people in that area, so we went to their ranch and camped in the rain.


Trail blocked by downed trees.


This is the set-up we used to stay dry.


Cooking bacon on the BioLite stove.


Mendocino County is God’s Country.


Off-roading during an El Nino event.


Beware of dangerous surf conditions in Pacifica, CA

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On February 9th 2016 two people were on the pier in Pacifica, and they both somehow tripped, then fell into the ocean. An article from local channel 2 KTVU. http://www.ktvu.com/news/88251129-story

It is now common knowledge the cliff’s in Pacifica are eroding. They are also creating a very dangerous situation for people venturing onto the beach.


Started a fundraiser for my Citizen Journalism work

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Day Tripping to Point Reyes National Seashore

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I’ve been going to the Point Reyes National Seashore ever since I moved to California. I have hiked all over that area, but I have not camped out there yet. I have stayed at the Point Reyes Hostel. The hostel is nice, and so are the people who work and stay there. I used to really enjoy stopping at the Drakes Bay Oyster Company and eating raw oyster’s. Loved that place, but recently the Federal government shut them down. I have encountered, Coyotes, raccoons, elephant seals, deer, elk, skunk, mountain lion’s, and plenty of bird types. It is my belief Point Reyes National Seashore is one of the biggest and most natural wildlife refuge’s in California and maybe the West Coast. There is more wildlife in Point Reyes than in a zoo. Limantour Spit and Beach is my favorite spot. I have had at least 5 very scary wildlife encounters that turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me. The time a Coyote growled at me because I disturbed it while it, was eating a leg from a recent kill, or the time I took a shortcut, but it turned out to be a wildlife trail and in front of me was a small mountain lion and it didn’t even know I was behind it. The many intimate moments hearing the cry of the Tule Elk, was amazing, but I will keep that aspect of Point Reyes a secret. Elk are observant, they read their intentions, they are real, and they thrive in Point Reyes. Even though I write about Point Reyes, I still have my secret spots that I will never tell anyone about. I have made Point Reyes National Seashore my own.

A FB post about a recent visit; ” People were very observant of what I was doing today at Point Reyes. I got solitude, put my    feet in the water, explored some ruins, and relaxed, but the conversations I got in with strangers were intense. For some reason, whenever I visit Point Reyes, I meet people. It’s cool. It’s a very social wilderness. Day trippers run into each other numerous times, so they seem to observe what others’ focus on. For me it was the garbage and the tar balls. Everyone flocked to me when I pointed out the plastic garbage and the tar balls. Rangers know about the tar balls. Similar stuff washed ashore in southern California. And I did indeed see debris from the Japanese Tsunami. Several pieces of a pier. The pieces are sequestered on the beach.
But it’s still Heaven on earth….

The Gold Coast The Gold Coast Cliff at Drakes Beach

Mushy moment at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival

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Trubute to Warren Hellman tentSo I went to this tent, and got all mushy. You know, when you attend a festival like this for over 10 years, all the while, losing a lover, a home, pets, gobs of jobs, and a sense of well-being, you gain a tendency to appreciate the best things in life, which are music and community. And this event provides that. So in other words I socialized with people I don’t know. The tent was a tribute or memorial for Warren Helman who is the person who started and maintains the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival. Thank you Warren Hellman

Other wildlife I encountered on the Virginia Range in Nevada

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There were other wildlife I spotted while I was hiking on the Virginia Range in Nevada.

A Great Basin Collared lizard.

Collared Lizard

And a jackrabbit.


Unsafe intersection in SF.

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This intersection is unsafe.

Reported on immigration/deportation protest

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I knew there was going to be a immigration/deportation protest in downtown San Francisco today. So I went to it and it is my opinion that I reported it faster than mainstream media.
I have no comments about immigration, except I do have experiences.
One was that one of my favorite wildlife photographers had been deported, and the other is that lady who threatened to kill me everyday for 2 weeks had been picked up by ICE.
Demonstrators say at least 2 million people have been deported. There are 13 immigration courts at 100 Montgomery street in San Francisco, and there are approx. 24,000 cases active right now in that building.


















Nasty’s from the beach in San Francisco

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Noticed this nasty combination in a gutter near Ocean Beach.

This object is from a shotgun shell cartridge. I see these things on the beach a lot.

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