San Francisco Bay Area Residents Gather to Denounce White Nationalism Violence.

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Photos from one of the emergency rallies held in San Francisco over the violence that occurred in Charlottesville, VA on August 12, 2017 during an anti white nationalist or nazi rally.
Approximately 200 hundred people gathered at the corner of 24th and Mission in San Francisco to denounce the continued growth of the white nationalists in the US. They also gathered in solidarity for the victims of the violence that occurred behest of white nationalists or Nazis in America in Charlottesville, N.C. on August 12th 2017. One person was killed when a alleged white nationalist or nazi drove his car at a high rate of speed into counter demonstrators. He also injured numerous others. The violence has been directly denounced by many politicians with the exception of President Donald Trump.

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Heather Heyer is a Hero: The Bay Area’s Response to her Murder

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Heather Heyer was murdered by an alt-right/white nationalist psycho with his car. The alleged murderer is James Fields, who is from Ohio. Heather Heyer had no flaws. She was an advocate for the disenfranchised, and was always spreading the message of love and equality. She was a paralegal who cared about other people. Justin Moore who is some sort of dragon/creature in the KKK exclaimed to media “I’m sorta glad that them people got hit and I’m glad that girl died.”


Transgender Immigrants Taking a Stand Against Abuse in Detention Centers

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Original post can be found here>>>Transgender Immigrants Taking A Stand Against Abuse: Trans March 2015

I covered Trans March 2015.

Transgender immigrants are taking a stand against the abuse, and sexual assaults in ICE detention centers.
Same Sex Marriage is now legal in all States in the United States, and now activists want to shift the focus on issues that LGBT immigrants face in detention centers in the U.S.
Transgender activists indicate that “LGBTQ immigrant detainees are uniquely vulnerable to abuse, including sexual assault, while in custody.” The Government Accountability Office report found in prison settings, non-heterosexual prison inmates report sexual assault is higher than heterosexual inmates, a finding backed up by the Bureau of Justice Statistics which found that almost 40 percent of transgender inmates in prisons are sexually assaulted.”
The situation has become desperate a Transgender activist disrupted President Obama’s Pride Press Conference. Jennicet Gutierrez, “founder of FAMILIA TQLM, an LGBTQ immigrant advocacy group,” spoke out during the White House’s Gay Pride Party, and was escorted out of the room and the crowd who attended did not appear to be in support of their plight.



First Words Become the Caption: Psychology of a Street Photog

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Love, love, love. There are 3 shapes on her body that match my first words, and are representative of the word LOVE.
Anyhow this lady was about 30 feet away, but yet she knew I was photographing her. This kind of cooperation between a photographer and a subject is kind of special. Eye contact is what sometimes initiate’s these kind of interactions, but it’s also timing. Eye contact is sometimes compromised by shades, but when 2 people know they have connected this is what happens. When I looked at this photo the first time on my computer the first words I thought of were, love, love, love,

Then I noticed there are 3 shapes on her body representative of love. In a row laterally.
What I do sometimes, is look at my photos and document my first thoughts and or observations, and use them, subconsciously.


Citizen Journalism Posts for the weekend of June19-21st 2015

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On June 19-21st I covered these events.




Attended San Francisco City Hall’s 100th Anniversary Celebration.

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A short video clip of the lighting show.

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival 2014 Panorama


Twoers of Gold Stage area Panorama

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