Photos used in Street Sheet article. 

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Photos, I took, of an event for the local transgender community were used in San Francisco’s Street Sheet.

The issue was February 17, 2015 No. 4 Vol 27.  The photos were donated.


Will have photos in this installation project.

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The I (Eye) in Media
Opening Night: Friday, March 14, 6 to 9pm
Gallery Hours: Sat/Sun, March 15,16 and Sat/Sun, March 22,23, 12pm to 5pm

An installation project about the “I” in media and how we make it, subculture media catalysts, and how to add your “I (Eye)” to the media.

“The I (Eye) in Media” installation shows you how easy it is to add your I (eye) to the media, celebrates coverage of protests and demonstrations, and introduces the community media champions,

World premiere of the Predicta PC steampunk TVs Episode 5 gets you into the TOHO-Scope newsrooms who report on Godzilla through the decades.

SF’s favorite costumed roller skater is having his first gallery installation, and he’s ready to talk about his slinky satire and street theater life.

“The media” is made by people, and we are the people who put ourselves in the media as much as we are the media. We are activists, makers, hacks, hackers, videographers, costume designers, internet video viralists, and culture-harvesters who post flyers. Media is all around us and our role is flippy-floppy all day long: sometimes we are absorbing and sometimes we are making.

Our Bay Area media –community, local, print, internet, television, radio– is rich with participation, and it’s your personal choice to be included in the local media, via political art and satire, flyer art, neighborhood newspapers, public access television, political demonstrations, organizing, and documenting under-reported events, and more.

Veterans + Community Media Center
1720 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94102
(Market at Valencia)


Opening Night Friday, March 14, 6 to 9pm
Gallery Hours: Sat/Sun, March 15,16 and 22,23, 12pm to 5pm

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/228221990713718/?source=1

Transit: F-Line Historic Trolley (Gough or Franklin stop); MUNI Van Ness Station; BART Civic Center; Muni 6, 7, 71 and others going to the Haight or Parnassus Heights
Kid Friendly – all ages welcome;
First floor with no stairs or elevators;
Unisex bathrooms;
2-hour metered parking on Valencia (smart phone enabled);

Participants (scheduled)

• Predicta PCs “I vs. Godzilla” – The Godzilla Episode, by Rodwin Pabello;
• Skimpy Satire and the Fauxtest – Political costumes and street theater, by Palmer Lamb;
• Political activism photo journalism, by Dina Boyer;
• The I in Media – How word on the street becomes news in print, by Catherine Lee;
• Public Media Outlets in San Francisco – Civic journalism and neighborhood news;
• Nkisi 78 – Site Sculpture, by Tamaraw House;
• “Veterans Corner” – newspaper column, by Tyler Dylan Brown;
• “Iraq Story” – The fall of Saddam’s statue, first person history, by Dylan Gunther.



Videography work

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I did the videography for the video at the link.
Videography for the East County Boys & girls club.

Seeking Reports of Coyote Sightings in San Francisco

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Dear San Franciscans: I am a wildlife photographer in San Francisco. And I am requesting that community members please report to me any sightings of Coyotes within City and County limits.
Please send sighting info to dinaboyer2 [at] gmail.com, or message me on my blog. https://dinaboyerphotography.com/

I am a wildlife photographer in San Francisco, and have been documenting the presence of Coyotes in San Francisco, for the last 3 years. There have been many sightings from all over the City and I am starting a project that will in effect document, where the Coyotes are traveling, and where they are living. The goal is make the community more aware of their presence and to educate San Franciscans about co-existing with them. I am also wanting to get Coyote crossing signs installed in various locations throughout the City.
When you report the sighting, please include, date, time, location and how many Coyotes were sighted.
Please send sighting info to dinaboyer2 [at] gmail.com

Field notes from a wildlife photographer

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Annoying fact. When I spot another person in the same forest I’m in, I know for a fact that the wildlife, will not present themselves to me.
External vibes, from uncontrollable sources, effect the internal interaction between species in the field.
In order for a photographer to achieve, the photographer and the subject should be alone.

Documented memorial for a victim of Workers Comp system in California.

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Documented a memorial for a victim of the workers comp system in California

Used Sony S270U, with directional shotgun mic on a boom pole.

Beginning of a new career track.


Attended Android Programming Boot Camp this week at Academy X.

Recorded video for San Francisco Public Press

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Today I started videography work for the Veterans Community Media Center for the San Francisco Public Press, for a kickstarter campaign video.
I used a Canon DSLR Rebel T3i, with an audio feed from an audio mixer with a feed from a wireless lavaliere.
I feel I pushed the Canon Rebel T3i to its limits today and it did not let me down.

Video Set-up interviews

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On Friday June 21st I recorded interviews for folks at the newly founded Veterans Community Media Center in San Francisco. This was the first time I used a DSLR to record interviews. Since the Canon Rebel T3i does not have a headphone jack, I used an small portable audio mixer, and used it to monitor the audio. I used a wireless lavaliere and then used a special 1/4 to 1/8 cable to feed into the camera.
Some of the objects you see on the set were used as props.





2nd Camera Operator on Documentary

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On Saturday night I was hired to be the 2nd camera on a Documentary about the Imperial Court at an event. I originally was going to use a Sony S270U HD camera, but the person I was borrowing it from had transportation issues, so I had to use Plan B. Which was using my Canon Rebel T3i. I didn’t think it would be capable of being used to shoot a documentary on, but low-and-behold it worked great. Shot the footage in 1920×1080 24P, and a 32 GB memory card gets you at least 29 minutes.
I went through 3 fully charged batteries.
Also I am noticing that when using a DSLR to shoot video on has on it has adjustable ISO. So yes it has more settings, but I think the adjustable ISO on DSLR cams is the best feature about them. Conventional HD video cams have set ISO’s, that cannot be adjusted. But the DSLR’s do and I think that is the most brilliant aspect about them.


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