Photos of the AC72 Catamarans Racing on the SF Bay

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IMG_0009 IMG_0021 IMG_0032 IMG_0056 IMG_0117 IMG_0148 IMG_0160 IMG_0365 IMG_0372 IMG_0427 IMG_0550 IMG_0607 IMG_0609 IMG_0631 IMG_0636AC72’s can foil which means that they can fly on water using daggerboards and foils on the end of those boards. The boards and foils must hold up 18 tons. They cannot foil under 18 knots. Foiling is like hitting a turbo and boosts their speed 35-40%.
Foiling consists of a 3 part platform.

The people I’m noticing at the America’s Cup Racing in San Francisco

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I attended the America’s Cup Racing Fleet races yesterday in SF. Got a few more excellent pics. As always you can check out my Flickr Gallery.But what is most notable are the people I’m noticing at the races. I’m perching myself at this location

Yesterday I noticed the diversity was better. I noticed Lesbians, and Gay Dads. They were all having fun, and enjoying the races just like everyone else.


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