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One aspect I love about my photos is when I actually look at them. I love photojournalism, which is why I do what I do. It is my favorite type of photography, but sometimes MY photos do indeed trigger emotions.
Mostly my comments are WOW! But sometimes it takes me deeper.
I see the faces within the surrounding environment, and I am just amazed at the various reactions from the folks I’m photographing.
What do you see in this photo?
I see confidence, fear, contemplation, and dependency.


Beware of dangerous surf conditions in Pacifica, CA

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On February 9th 2016 two people were on the pier in Pacifica, and they both somehow tripped, then fell into the ocean. An article from local channel 2 KTVU. http://www.ktvu.com/news/88251129-story

It is now common knowledge the cliff’s in Pacifica are eroding. They are also creating a very dangerous situation for people venturing onto the beach.


I’ve been homeless, but I made it out.

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I’ve been homeless, I did indeed have problems getting a shower every day, I did indeed suffer through some cold days and nights, I was always hungry, I was always on my feet, washing clothes was a nearly impossible feat, I cried a lot, I felt lonely, I never ever got enough sleep, and my body started to break down, which brought on internal painful infections, and I had to deal with depression and PTSD, and while I was homeless my mom succumbed to cancer. It was a horrible 2.5 years, but fortunately I do have friends, and I did get some help. The people who are long term homeless are the ones’ society gives up on. And working at jobs while your homeless is draining and sometimes impractical because workers need to take showers and rest etc. Additionally many job finding organizations will not help homeless people. Many organizations rejected my plea’s for help.

The embedded video is from a site called Show and Tell

A Rusting Golden Gate Bridge


Tolls for cars or motorcycles on the Golden Gate Bridge are now $7 for non fast trak holders and $6 for fast trak holders. The Golden Gate Bridge brought in over 100 million dollar in revenue in 2013. Annual monetary figures for 2014 or 2015 have yet to be reported online. It is also believed that at least 100,000 cars use that bridge daily, BUT, yet the Golden Gate Bridge is rusting. That’s right a recent visit to that bridge I noticed plenty of areas that are heavily rusted and seem worn out. Check out the pics below. This link indicates how often the bridge is supposed to be painted. http://goldengatebridge.org/research/factsGGBIntOrngPaint.php

Cables worn down South tower on southern facing side South tower on southern facing side South tower on southern facing side South tower on southern facing side South tower on southern facing side South tower on southern facing side

Vandals destroying wildlife habitats in Golden Gate Park

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Hacked by a vandal

Tree limb hacked by vandals

Wildlife habitat attracts tourists

Wildlife habitat attracts tourists, children and parents

A wildlife habitat is being vandalized in Golden Gate Park.

Hacked by a vandal

Photos from protest at Japanese Consulate.

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People gathered outside the Japanese Consulate in San Francisco to protest the brutal slaughter of dolphins. Approx. 30 people held signs and handed out literature, at the Japanese Consulate, to people in the financial district in hopes of making people more aware of the Japanese tradition of slaughtering dolphins.









Toured GreenPeace’s Rainbow Warrior

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