Photographing a deceased whale on a California beach.

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Around April 14th 2015, a deceased whale had been reported on a beach near Sharp Park in Pacifica California. Immediately some people stated it showed signs of trauma, but no broken bones were found. Scientists and researchers were picking it apart and trying to determine how it died. But there was no conclusion, and the 50 foot decaying sperm whale still lies on a beach near Mori Point in Pacifica. Photos show it is decaying and seemingly melting back into the earth, but that didn’t stop people from defacing the carcass, and exploiting the whales blubber for entertainment.

Mori Point Decaying sperm whale

I visited the whale twice, and on the second visit I had noticed the whale had been graffiti’d up and the whales body parts or huge bits of blubber were scattered all over the beach. The smell is not that bad, but I would not allow any of the ocean water to splash the whales decaying juices to get on you, or you will have flies following you around all day long.

Blubber Beach aka Sharp Park Beach A Graffiti'd up dead sperm whale

I had also noticed that on my second visit people were trying to take some of it’s body parts like the fins etc.

But I can say in the past when whales were killed every part of the whale was used and not wasted.

Decaying sperm whale Decaying sperm whale

The whale had it’s lower jaw taken and the eyes were removed. I did see squid beaks in the guts, but I did not touch them.

Owl Stories Golden Gate Park.

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Your walking along, listening, looking, stepping quietly, you know they are there, but you can’t see them, but your experiences remind you they are looking and staring at you and if your skilled enough and or lucky, you can sense your being watched, and, when you spot them, you cannot get scared, you have to freeze, and try to make eye contact, and hoping they aren’t the attacking kind, then get your picture, and then it’s like driving, if they take flight, you must look at the big picture. You must have a wide shot in your eyes and see what tree they flew too? You don’t always chase after them, you remain patient, and stay in the spot you’re in, and wait, then suddenly they fly back, and they come in low, and land on branches next to you and then they show their eyes, and they stare back then they fly off….
Owl encounters are not for the faint-of-heart when your embedded in their environment.

Great Horned Owl flying overhead Great Horned Owl

I’ve been homeless, but I made it out.

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I’ve been homeless, I did indeed have problems getting a shower every day, I did indeed suffer through some cold days and nights, I was always hungry, I was always on my feet, washing clothes was a nearly impossible feat, I cried a lot, I felt lonely, I never ever got enough sleep, and my body started to break down, which brought on internal painful infections, and I had to deal with depression and PTSD, and while I was homeless my mom succumbed to cancer. It was a horrible 2.5 years, but fortunately I do have friends, and I did get some help. The people who are long term homeless are the ones’ society gives up on. And working at jobs while your homeless is draining and sometimes impractical because workers need to take showers and rest etc. Additionally many job finding organizations will not help homeless people. Many organizations rejected my plea’s for help.

The embedded video is from a site called Show and Tell

Photos used in Street Sheet article. 

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Photos, I took, of an event for the local transgender community were used in San Francisco’s Street Sheet.

The issue was February 17, 2015 No. 4 Vol 27.  The photos were donated.


The Rat and the Squirrel.

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This is a story about a rat and a squirrel.

The rat, born from other rats, that were born from other rats and so and so on. They inhabit this earth in many environments. On the City streets, in buildings, in houses, in barns, in ships and in the forest. They are considered pest’s, deadly invaders of our cities, rampaging warriors of destruction in our houses, or disease spreading varmints.

The squirrel, born from other squirrels, that were born from other squirrels, and so on and on. They inhabit inner city parks, urban parks, in or around our countrified yards, and in the forest. They are considered the cute little varmints that can climb, wag their tails, make funny noises and eat food we give them.

Rats can be considered aggressive; whereas squirrels are considered cute. But in the forest the rat and the squirrel will eat from the same plate. Both will eat a peanut together rather than they both fighting for both meals.The Rat and the Squirrel

Trapped Raccoon Released Humanely

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My wildlife adventures continue;
A homeowner in San Francisco, called me up and stated she had a raccoon trapped on her deck in a metal trap. She set the trap because wildlife had been tearing up her plants, and was generally wreaking havoc on the deck/patio of her home constantly for the last year. She wanted to end that “wildly chaos” as humanely as possible, so she bought and set a trap. The raccoon climbs onto her deck, so using chemicals on the ground will probably not deter raccoon’s that climb onto the decks or property.

Well low-and-behold she got one in the trap, so we together packed it up, and took it to location where we thought he could live and thrive away from homes. The rules state if you trap an animal it must be released or killed humanely. But it is illegal to do so in the State of California. It’s a quandary. There are plenty of misconceptions, about relocating raccoons, but people have been doing it for decades. IMHO it is better to give them a second chance once they’ve been trapped instead of killing them.
It is common knowledge that City departments like Animal Care and Control get irritated by homeowners requests for help with raccoons. This raccoon seemed to be an adult male, likely a bachelor, he’ll have new territory which is near water and an abundance of food to stake his new claim away from homes.

Video here>>>>>>Released Raccoon<<<<<

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