When your out there, in the field, photographing wildlife, there is one act that wildlife photographers go crazy over, and that one act is the mating.
Catching wildlife mating is hard, you must have patience, you must keep one eye on the whole forest while the other eye is looking through the camera lense, you must listen, and you must be prepared every second leading up to the mating. You have to know when their going to mate and you have to know how they mate.
Great Horned Owls mate even after the chicks have been born. They mate daily.
The mating ritual is very cool. The female parent owl perches on a branch that is out in the open, then hoots, and the male will be several trees away, and he hoots back. They hoot about 3-4 times, then in comes the male. The male will approach the female in two stages. The male owl will fly from the tree he was hooting from to another tree, and after a few seconds the male flies up to the female and mounts her. It happens in about 3 seconds. And then the mating is over for the day.
Great Horned Owls Mating