Went looking for that Mountain Lion that attacked a child.

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Here is the original story and event.

Mountain Lion Attacks Child on Hiking Trail Near Cupertino Winery.

When I arrived at the location the whole area was blocked off, and their are search dogs in the area, so the MidPeninsula Regional Open Space Project, Fish and Wildlife, or Wildlife Management shut it down.
Reason is: the dog handlers/slash trappers, don’t want the scents confusing the search dogs. Technically it is believed that Mountain Lions, will stay near the area where the alleged attack occurred for several days. A Fish and Wildlife employee informed me that the cats in the area are already confusing the search dogs by criss-crossing the area repeatedly.

There are always signs posted informing hikers of the possibility of Mountain Lion encounters. In those areas, parents or guardians or chaperones must never let a child follow behind them. Children must always be in front of the parents or guardians.

Update: California Fish and Wildlife shot and killed the Mountain Lion on September 10 2014.

Always plenty of warning to visitors about the possibility of a Mountain Lion encounter.

Always plenty of warning to visitors about the possibility of a Mountain Lion encounter.

Do Not Enter Do Not Enter How to deal with Mountain Lions Mountain Lion Attack Location

Went Whale Watching

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I got some nice shots of whales feeding somewhere along the California Coast. I’m not giving up the exact location


. Whale breach California Coast Whale breach California Coast Whale breach California Coast

Pics from Fire in the Mission District on September 4, 2014

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On Thursday September 4th at approx.1pm a fire broke out in one of San Francisco’s most diverse neighborhoods. The fire occurred at one of the many stores in that neighborhood, but what is most disconcerting is that the local news channel NBC captured a bite from San Francisco Fire Dept. Chief Joanne Hayes-White. She said. “The business were cited in both 2009 and 2013 for fire code violations, and in both instances, the business were able to correct the violation for follow-up inspections.”This fire has been named the #MissionFire on social media has displaced many residents, injured firefighters, and caused a major disaster in an already embattled neighborhood. San Francisco Fire Department collectively can output at least 1,250 gallons of water per minute. The MissionFire has gone on for at least 6 hours. California is experiencing major drought, so million gallon fires could be quickly draining resources. The #MissionFire was toxic and was huge, and many local businesses had their electricity cut-off.

Link to Flickr site here, https://www.flickr.com/photos/rebelgirl/sets/72157623025496242/

IMG_4715 IMG_4701 IMG_4698 IMG_4682 IMG_4678 IMG_4715 IMG_4703 IMG_4763 IMG_4728 IMG_4691 5 Alarm Fire Mission District in San Francisco

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