Videography work

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I did the videography for the video at the link.
Videography for the East County Boys & girls club.

Spotted fire from City College in San Francisco

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Spotted this fire minutes after it started. It is an auto body fire. Plume moved North West towards San Francisco.






Video of Luxor Cab auto repair shop fire.

Nasty’s from the beach in San Francisco

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Noticed this nasty combination in a gutter near Ocean Beach.

This object is from a shotgun shell cartridge. I see these things on the beach a lot.

Seeking Reports of Coyote Sightings in San Francisco

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Dear San Franciscans: I am a wildlife photographer in San Francisco. And I am requesting that community members please report to me any sightings of Coyotes within City and County limits.
Please send sighting info to dinaboyer2 [at] gmail.com, or message me on my blog. https://dinaboyerphotography.com/

I am a wildlife photographer in San Francisco, and have been documenting the presence of Coyotes in San Francisco, for the last 3 years. There have been many sightings from all over the City and I am starting a project that will in effect document, where the Coyotes are traveling, and where they are living. The goal is make the community more aware of their presence and to educate San Franciscans about co-existing with them. I am also wanting to get Coyote crossing signs installed in various locations throughout the City.
When you report the sighting, please include, date, time, location and how many Coyotes were sighted.
Please send sighting info to dinaboyer2 [at] gmail.com

Must watch: Bottle does not open with magnet and a coin

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I watched a video where a dude allegedly opened a bottle using a magnet and a quarter, so I tried that, but low-and-behold it did not work.
Just click on the link below.

Bottle does not open with magnet and a quarter

Photos from protest at Japanese Consulate.

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People gathered outside the Japanese Consulate in San Francisco to protest the brutal slaughter of dolphins. Approx. 30 people held signs and handed out literature, at the Japanese Consulate, to people in the financial district in hopes of making people more aware of the Japanese tradition of slaughtering dolphins.









Field notes from a wildlife photographer

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Annoying fact. When I spot another person in the same forest I’m in, I know for a fact that the wildlife, will not present themselves to me.
External vibes, from uncontrollable sources, effect the internal interaction between species in the field.
In order for a photographer to achieve, the photographer and the subject should be alone.

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