Mushrooms Golden Gate Park 4 hours after 1st rain.

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Mushrooms 4 hours after 1st rain Golden Gate Park.






If you dare to take a walk through a Mediterranean forest 4 hours after 1st rain you will see fungus pop up everywhere. And some of it is extreme.

Toured GreenPeace’s Rainbow Warrior

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Witnessed a head-on collision between 2 bicyclists.

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Witnessed a head on collision between two bicyclists. One was wearing a helmet the other was not. The cyclist that was not wearing the helmet was taken away in an ambulance. The cyclist who was wearing the helmet walked away, but was still injured.

Coyote Encounters at Golden Gate Park

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It happened again.
True story.
This is fun stuff.
Walking along, in my usual spot in Golden Gate Park. listening and looking, thinking, BUT suddenly a biker stops and shouts out
“Mam, there is a Coyote behind you.”and sure enough their was female Coyote sniffing, up and down, walking back and forth in a zigzag repeatedly and I talked to her, and took pics, she then suddenly laid down in a meadow.
Without the bicyclist saying something I may have taken longer for me to see her.
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Wildlife at North Lake in Golden Gate Park.

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I am not always nocturnal. I like food, and I will get aggressive if I know you have food and you ain’t sharing it, I will bite, I growl, my claws are sharp, I will stare down a dog of equal or lesser sizes, I communicate, but only some of you can comprehend, I can climb, swim, jump, do flips in the air, sit like a person, but I do have a personality, and I am smart, I have feelings, and I’m cute.
Please respect and preserve my presence.
I’m a raccoon!

I explain more in this video Wildlife at North Lake in Golden Gate Park

And here are one of many fine encounters I’ve had with the raccoons.
Raccoons at Night

Although it’s illegal to feed them people still do. Why because people love them.
Raccoons eating


Documented memorial for a victim of Workers Comp system in California.

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Documented a memorial for a victim of the workers comp system in California

Used Sony S270U, with directional shotgun mic on a boom pole.

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