Had some very nice wildlife encounters in Golden Gate Park this past weekend. The Coyote is the female I have been photographing off and on for 2 years.

A Facebook entry by me: ”
Ladies and Gentlemen; please meet THE MOST PHOTOGRAPHED Coyote in SF, and maybe California.
This is the female parent I’ve been photographing, in Golden Gate Park for the last 2 years. I have over 7,000 photos of her; eating, carrying her young, walking on trees, protecting her pups, raising her pups, stalking and finally running.
I can tell she remembers me.
Yesterday I was walking along, heard some rustling of leaves off to my right, then I stopped, she then ran out in front of me. It’s a game we play, she runs or walks away fast, I catch up she then stops stares at me and this can go on for hours.

Coyote Golden Gate Park