The posts about Coyotes will be on-going. I would like to share my experiences between me and the Coyotes of Golden Gate Park. I have watched and photographed the same Coyote couple last year including a litter of pups. My goal is to show their wild side, but also show their beauty. Coyotes are dogs, so it is my opinion they should be given the same respect and dignity that are given to pet dogs. I have often felt unsafe around pet dogs, but at no time did the Coyotes act aggressive to me. Coyotes are a keystone species, so their presence is vital to the ecosystem. I have had many interesting encounters and with each encounter I learn something new.
For instance Coyotes like to “take the high road” so-to-speak so they will often get to vantage points above you, and look down. They also do often sneak out of the bushes. The encounter I wrote about below was interesting.

I’m always looking for them, I constantly scan, look around, up, down, all around, but more often than not their always looking at me, either on top of a hill, behind bushes, trees,or grasses. If I don’t see them, they will see me.