Memorial Day Presidio San Francisco

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Attended the Memorial Day Service at the Presidio in San Francisco. This year marked the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War. I am also a military veteran.







Photographed Occupy the Farms Garden at Justin Herman plaza in SF


After an GMO/MONSANTO protest in San Francisco a group called Occupy the Farm tore up grass and began their own garden in Justin Herman Plaza. The group collectively removed the sod, grated/tilled the dirt and planted dozens of new Kale plants. SF Police and the Park Rangers looked on and monitored their action. The next day the garden is still there.






Lowell High School Coyote Club posts flyers near Coyote Den


The Lowell High School Coyote Club has posted educational flyers near a den area of two Coyote’s who have taken-up temporary residence in the area. The flyer explains the two Coyotes, when caring for their young are merely being protective, and they will perceive unleashed pet dogs as a greater threat to their litter, than leashed pet dogs.
It’s a very informative flyer and I feel they did a great job. The picture of the pups on the flyer was taken by me during last years mating season. I am not associated with their club and I do not speak for them. But if you’d like more information about them then try Googling: thecoyoteclub.org




Manipulation of Light

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I love playing around with natural lighting. In the photos the famous San Francisco landmark known as the TransAmerica building is being illuminated by the sun. Which enables it to be reflected onto another building. The tint on the windows of the building give a different color. I had to position myself accordingly, but as soon as I noticed the reflection I saw an opportunity and took photos.



Photographed arrest at Bay to Breakers

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Photographed and or videotaped arrest at Bay to Breakers.

Coyote Encounters

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The posts about Coyotes will be on-going. I would like to share my experiences between me and the Coyotes of Golden Gate Park. I have watched and photographed the same Coyote couple last year including a litter of pups. My goal is to show their wild side, but also show their beauty. Coyotes are dogs, so it is my opinion they should be given the same respect and dignity that are given to pet dogs. I have often felt unsafe around pet dogs, but at no time did the Coyotes act aggressive to me. Coyotes are a keystone species, so their presence is vital to the ecosystem. I have had many interesting encounters and with each encounter I learn something new.
For instance Coyotes like to “take the high road” so-to-speak so they will often get to vantage points above you, and look down. They also do often sneak out of the bushes. The encounter I wrote about below was interesting.

I’m always looking for them, I constantly scan, look around, up, down, all around, but more often than not their always looking at me, either on top of a hill, behind bushes, trees,or grasses. If I don’t see them, they will see me.



How to scare off a Coyote.

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It is now common knowledge that two Coyotes are living in Golden Gate Park. I have been photographing that same Coyote couple since last year, but this year their den is closer to human foot and bicycle traffic. While hanging out near their den, and photographing them this year, I noticed that many people are scared of them. The male Coyote is now performing his role as the male parent, in other words he is protecting his den, which means that either the female had pups or pups are on the way.
If you are a scared of a Coyote simply follow the steps below to warn them off.

If a Coyote is Close By

  1. Look at the coyote while slowly backing away. Maintain eye contact. Coyotes are generally frightened of people and will not confront you.
  2. Make yourself as large and imposing-looking as possible. This can be achieved by holding your backpack above your head or opening up your jacket.
  3. Shout or yell to frighten the coyote. Keep making noise.

  4. Stomp your feet loudly and continuously.If you Encounter a Pack of Coyotes Nearby
    Coyotes are known to live in a pack, so be careful.[1]
    1. Do not approach a pack.
      • Give them ample space.
    2. Don’t stare at any of the coyotes or act threatening toward them.
    3. Most coyotes prefer to avoid human contact, so follow the above instructions make lots of noise.
      • Once coyotes become aware of a human presence, they will probably avoid you.

      If a Coyote is Far Away

      Be vigilant with your children and pets. Make sure they don’t get too close, since they can be drawn towards animals.


    • If you are camping with a pet, keep them somewhere where they can’t easily escape. It may attract wild animals like coyotes.
    • Don’t keep any food inside a the tent as this attracts wild animals. Make sure that you hang all your food in a tree or keep it in a place far from your camp. This includes strong smelling “non-food” items such as toothpaste, deodorant and soap.
    • If you get bitten by a coyote, seek medical attention right away!


    • Never run from a coyote. It can run much faster than you.
    • Never try to feed a coyote. Feeding wild animals is illegal in the U.S. and Canada, and could result in injury if the animal were to bite you.
    • Coyotes often attack humans to protect their pup’s lives. Take care not to go too close to a coyote pup.
    • Never let your child or pet interact with a coyote!

Coyotes of Golden Gate Park Year 2

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Year two of my coverage of the Coyotes in Golden Gate Park.

Since I am photographing those Coyotes I feel obligated to say a few things; 1.) Please leash your pet dogs unless they are in dog playing areas.
2.) If you see a Coyote and are scared simply stomp your feet raise your arms and make yourself look bigger than them and they will run away. Please do not throw anything at them and please do not feed them.

Flickr Set here with fresh pics. http://www.flickr.com/photos/rebelgirl/sets/72157629918572669/


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