Tilt-Shift San Francisco

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Love experimenting around with the tilt-shift effect/filter.


Tunnel Boring Machines or TBM’s

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Pics of Tunnel Boring Machine aka TBM’s. They will be used to create the Central Muni Tunnel/Subway. The piece in the photo is called Big Alma. Naming them is good luck. More information can be found here.
They also have Twitter handles. @BigAlmatheTBM and @MomChungtheTBM.







Briefly photographed “No XL Keystone Pipeline protest

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Yesterday I checked out a No on XL protest. Firstly I don’t know what XL meant. I think it has something to do with a pipeline. Secondly, I was not treated very well while photographing that protest. Thirdly I still don’t know what all the signs meant.
But if you look at the photos you can see that I cover all angles when it comes to photographing the full scope of the event.






Animated GIF of Great Horned Owl

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Follow the link to an animated GIF of a Great Horned Owl.

Photos taken using the mobile app called Hipstamatic.

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I have installed on my iPhone an app called Hipstamatic. The trick is to make sure you have the best composition and make sure you have chosen the best lense and film type combo that you think best captures that moment.
There are a lot of film types and lenses and at least one of them will capture the moment better than the others.’



Still no texting into 911 and 311 Call in systems

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I often photograph large events where large amounts of people usually attend.
I have witnessed many shootings.
But when I tried calling 911 at those events it was literally impossible to get through, either because the 911 call-in system here in SF puts people on hold, and were busy, or there were not enough cell phone towers to support cell phone users etc. Also there are not enough pay phones on the streets.
My point: it is about time the Federal government dish out the money that would enable every 911 call-in system to be able to take or receive text messages. And additionally make it so operators can track where those text messages originate from.
I would also like to add, that phoning in large crowds is tough because of the noise.
I attended a party in the Castro one year called Pink Night. At that event there was a shooting. I witnessed that shooting and nearly got shot myself, but when I tried calling 911 I was put on hold, so I eventually had to hang up and because SF has spotty cell phone coverage( was using AT&T) the call back never occurred.
Below are pics of what a shooting scene looks like. The only reason police arrived because they luckily were nearby, and heard the shots themselves. The shooter was never captured and one person had died.


Boston Bombing, Arming Police or Training Photogs?

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I’m not into the whole police state thing, but in the name of safety, what would you prefer your police to be armed with? Whistles and walkie talkies or multiple round grenade launchers?
Photos by Dina Boyer.
SFPD came armed with their weapons for an Occupy Protest.
Also I think it’s about time the Feds train citizen photographers to watch out for possible terrorists at large events. It is also now obvious that bomb sniffing dogs are useless.



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