On Saturday night I was hired to be the 2nd camera on a Documentary about the Imperial Court at an event. I originally was going to use a Sony S270U HD camera, but the person I was borrowing it from had transportation issues, so I had to use Plan B. Which was using my Canon Rebel T3i. I didn’t think it would be capable of being used to shoot a documentary on, but low-and-behold it worked great. Shot the footage in 1920×1080 24P, and a 32 GB memory card gets you at least 29 minutes.
I went through 3 fully charged batteries.
Also I am noticing that when using a DSLR to shoot video on has on it has adjustable ISO. So yes it has more settings, but I think the adjustable ISO on DSLR cams is the best feature about them. Conventional HD video cams have set ISO’s, that cannot be adjusted. But the DSLR’s do and I think that is the most brilliant aspect about them.