2nd Camera Operator on Documentary

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On Saturday night I was hired to be the 2nd camera on a Documentary about the Imperial Court at an event. I originally was going to use a Sony S270U HD camera, but the person I was borrowing it from had transportation issues, so I had to use Plan B. Which was using my Canon Rebel T3i. I didn’t think it would be capable of being used to shoot a documentary on, but low-and-behold it worked great. Shot the footage in 1920×1080 24P, and a 32 GB memory card gets you at least 29 minutes.
I went through 3 fully charged batteries.
Also I am noticing that when using a DSLR to shoot video on has on it has adjustable ISO. So yes it has more settings, but I think the adjustable ISO on DSLR cams is the best feature about them. Conventional HD video cams have set ISO’s, that cannot be adjusted. But the DSLR’s do and I think that is the most brilliant aspect about them.


Driving Donner’s Pass Sierra Nevada’s Winter Storm

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Recently I returned to the Reno area to photograph the Wild Horses or Mustangs that roam the Virginia Range. The weather was cold, anywhere from the mid 50’s or down to the upper 20’s. The ground was frozen in some areas on the VirginiaBand of Mustangs Virginia Range, Nevada Range.


I got some nice shots, and braved the cold, and the wind and the hostile conditions to photograph those Mustangs.

But what I wasn’t aware of is the day I wanted to return to the SF Bay area a snow storm was now occurring in front of me on Interstate 80, which meant the full force of it would be felt at Donner’s Pass. I bought snow chains at Walmart for $40.00, and started out at 12 noon. As I was driving I could see the outside temps slowly dropping, 52, 48, 42, 36, 32, 30, then it stopped declining once it reached 29 degrees. the first 25 minutes on the highway was dry, then it started snowing, traffic slowed, the snow came down harder. The elevation went from 2,000 feet to above 5,000.  The snow was coming down hard. Then eventually snow chain signs started appearing. The traffic slowed even more, until the highway was covered in snow. The snow was  laying on the pavement. Eventually I could not see any pavement, and I had to plow myself through the snow with snow chains on the car.
At the snow chain installation area, an elderly couple asked me to install the chains on their car, so I did, and afterwards they gave me $20 bucks. A minute later an elderly disabled fellow asked me if I would help him, so I installed the snow chains on his car. I did not accept his money, but I considered that a pay-it-forward deal.

When I started the drive I was nervous and a bit scared. But after a while, I realized this is right-up-my-alley, and concluded that drive during a snow storm on a mountain highway was an adventure. I do indeed think it’s an adventure worth selling.

A few pics of the snowy adventurous commute below.





Super 8 videos


I used the mobile application 8mm to capture the following videos.

Photographing Wild Horses

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Sorry about the extremity of my last post. It is an issue I feel strongly about, live and let live, let natural selection take care of the population.

Anyhow so I have conquered another photographic goal. I have sought out, and have photographed wild horses on a range in Nevada. I have been inspired by someone I met on Facebook. Her Facebook handle is Mustang Meg. She has been watching and photographing wild horses from Oregon for quite a while. I like her pics, and was inspired, so I sought out wild horses to photograph in Nevada. The wild horses I discovered and photographed are on the Virginia Range in or near Carson City and Dayton Nevada.
This photographic adventure started months ago. I conducted research, asked questions, made phone calls, explored Google Earth, and when it came down to it, it only took 2 hours of driving time to discover the herd. My base camp was Reno. As soon as I parked I started taking pics. The horses were eating and mostly kept their heads down, but I did still manage to notice and take pics of some intimate moments. My Facebook entry about my experience is here:

I snuck off for a few more days, and went to an area and a State where there are wild horses running free on the  open
land. It has always been a goal for me to photograph them in the wild. I asked questions and pried for info from
several  sources, made some phone calls, studied the area using Google Earth and started driving. It only took me two
hours to find my first herd. Horses are herd animals. A herd can consist of different bands, a horse band usually consists
of a male and several females. Many bands can make up a herd. There is also a “linear dominance hierarchy” amongst a
herd. Another term for that is “pecking order.” Herds and or bands in the same area share the resources. Each herd can
consist of a “boss mare” or a “herd stallion.” The more I learn the more I will write about them. It is my goal to become
100% knowledgeable about horses and their behaviors and the type of breeds. The horses I photographed were in the
Virginia Range near Virginia City Nevada. Near a highway roaming amongst the houses and terrain shared by people and
other animals.

The more I learn the more I will write about them.

Flickr Set here http://www.flickr.com/photos/rebelgirl/sets/72157632657635975/

IMG_4670 IMG_4716 IMG_4844 IMG_4902 IMG_4925 IMG_5011 Wild Horse herd in Nevada

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