Walking, walking, crunching, and crunching, stumble. Point the flashlight, eyeballs reflecting, black masses move in front, shuffling and more crunching, STOP. Lookup more eyeballs, STOP. What was that? Something moved. Point the light mass is gone. Hearing eating noises, more crunching, and crunching and gaSP. I saw something, pitch is black, panicky, 1.5 miles from somewhere safer, but no way to return, committed cannot return. Shorter route is forward. Forward into the black with no light. Heart pounding. I can hear and feel my own heart. It’s pounding hard. I’m scared, but I step and step and take another drink. Forward. 1 foot at a time. The moon keeps shining but it disappears. There it is, oh no it’s gone. Must keep moving forward.