Once again the baseball team the San Francisco Giants won the World Series of baseball. They also won in 2010, and the City held a Victory Parade and celebration in 2010 and again in 2012. I covered both events. Here is a Flickr set of the 2010 celebration.

Since the 2012 Victory parade and celebration was being held on Halloween, getting to it was an adventure in itself. Buses were full, traffic was backed up, and their were hundreds of thousands of people on the streets in San Francisco. It was projected by mainstream media outlets that up to a million people would flock to SF to see their victorious baseball team. I signed up online to get a media pass but didn’t do so until the morning of the event, so when I arrived I did not get the appropriate credentials, but I did get general credentials. I couldn’t go everywhere other photographers could. So immediately I had to deal with adversity. I went around and professionally communicated with the private security firm, the sheriffs, the police and the event organizers, but to no avail. I pushed and shoved and ordered to go here and go there, but I still got my photos.

I have uploaded some to Flickr>>>>San Francisco Giants Victory Parade and Celebration<<<<

I have also posted a few CNN iReports, http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-869894