Recollection of night hike at Point Reyes

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Walking, walking, crunching, and crunching, stumble. Point the flashlight, eyeballs reflecting, black masses move in front, shuffling and more crunching, STOP. Lookup more eyeballs, STOP. What was that? Something moved. Point the light mass is gone. Hearing eating noises, more crunching, and crunching and gaSP. I saw something, pitch is black, panicky, 1.5 miles from somewhere safer, but no way to return, committed cannot return. Shorter route is forward. Forward into the black with no light. Heart pounding. I can hear and feel my own heart. It’s pounding hard. I’m scared, but I step and step and take another drink. Forward. 1 foot at a time. The moon keeps shining but it disappears. There it is, oh no it’s gone. Must keep moving forward.

Tracked a Coyote along Limantour Spit in Point Reyes

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Went to Point Reyes recently. I’ve always wanted to hike it, and was made aware that their is a lot of wildlife. I stayed at the Point Reyes Hostel. Nice place and the people were quiet and respectful.
When I went to Point Reyes little did I know I would experience one of the best moments of my life. I was hiking north on the Limantour spit, and suddenly I spotted fresh Coyote tracks. I followed them and suddenly I spotted him. A lone Coyote foraging for food. I followed him for quite a while taking photos. It went on for well over 2 hours.
Facebook entry: “Tracking this Coyote across this spit at Point Reyes was one of the happiest moment’s of my life. It was just me, an open spit, at low tide, and that Coyote. He kept looking back to see if I was following him. This went on for well over 2 hours. While photographing that Coyote I forgot that no other people were within a 5 mile distance, the tide could rise and we could both be trapped, or he could suddenly attack me…I forgot that I have job woes, and housing issues and that I would have to go back to SF eventually. It was cheaper staying at the hostel at Point Reyes, and I didn’t have much money. When my adventure was over, I teared up. Because it was one of the happiest moments of my LIFE.







This isn’t much of a wide shot, but I walked where no other human had walked that day. The Limantour spit is one of California’s last frontiers. No other people, nor authorities or safety zones were within 5 miles.

Well’s Fargo Branch Turned Into Homeless Shelter

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Photographed the following local Occupy groups turning a Well’s Fargo Home Loan Branch into a Homeless Shelter and Soup Kitchen.

Occupy Bernal, ACCE-SF, Occupy Direct Action Workgroup, Occupy Action Council of SF, Occupy SF Environmental Justice Workgroup, Community Not Commodity, Occupy Noe, San Francisco Tenants Union, Senior and Disability Action, Manilatown Heritage Foundation, Communities United in Defense of Olmsted.

Indybay.org post here>>>>>http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2012/11/19/18726007.php

UFO’s? or Trick Photography?

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There are alot of stories and videos about UFO’s being spotted in Denver Colorado, and recently sightings have been seen in Oakland California. Article here http://www.agoracosmopolitan.com/news/ufo_extraterrestrials/2012/11/16/4879.html

So I jumped into in the UFO craze and got a few photos myself.

There are two unidentified objects in the left third

There are three unidentified objects in this photo. Two in the left third, and one in the upper part of the frame.

Photographed Palestinain vs Israeli Protest in San Francisco

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Turbulence in the Middle East namely the ongoing battle between Palestine and Israel has hit the cities in the U.S. namely San Francisco. The protest in San Francisco on November 15 2012 at the Israeli consulate on Montgomery Street was loud and got very aggressive toward’s the end when the Palestinian protesters became eager to confront the pro-Israeli protesters who showed up across the street. The Palestinian protesters were very loud and repetitive in their message while the pro-Israeli protesters seemed to belittle and mock the pro-Palestinian protesters.
I was “live on scene at Israeli vs Palestine protest in downtown SF, and couldn’t figure out what side of the police line I was on. It got messy for a second. Tonight while covering that protest it was like a roller coaster. People screaming and hollering, signs everywhere, police with batons, cars speeding-by, workers trying to leave, and the pushing and shoving that often occurs by protesters, and all-the-while trying to make sure I remain objective.

I used my Canon Rebel T3i and that camera is no joke. I worked it hard, and it put-out. Very nice camera.

I posted pics and video on CNN’s iReport site and on Indybay.org. Links below.



Crosses in Lafayette California!

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I recently photographed the Crosses in Lafayette California for the second time. I originally reported on the hillside memorial in 2008. Another link from 2008 is here. http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2007/01/17/18347973.php

I just posted another report on Indybay, and posted one CNN’s iReport site.
And I posted a few pics on Flickr >>>>Crosses in Lafayette<<<<<

Pathbrite Portfolio

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My Pathbrite Portfolio https://pathbrite.com/portfolio/PyPvOPvyG/my-professional-portfolio

Photographed aftermath of shooting in San Francisco


During the San Francisco Giants Victory Celebration there had been a shooting in San Francisco’s tenderloin neighborhood, and I responded to the scene in hopes of getting footage and selling it. No one bought any footage, but I did get some dramatic photos.

If and when medics arrive at shooting scene they immediately start treating the victims, and one thing they do first is cut most of the clothing off and leave it on the street even if they are covered or soaked in blood.

Photographed the San Francisco Giants Victory Celebration

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Once again the baseball team the San Francisco Giants won the World Series of baseball. They also won in 2010, and the City held a Victory Parade and celebration in 2010 and again in 2012. I covered both events. Here is a Flickr set of the 2010 celebration.

Since the 2012 Victory parade and celebration was being held on Halloween, getting to it was an adventure in itself. Buses were full, traffic was backed up, and their were hundreds of thousands of people on the streets in San Francisco. It was projected by mainstream media outlets that up to a million people would flock to SF to see their victorious baseball team. I signed up online to get a media pass but didn’t do so until the morning of the event, so when I arrived I did not get the appropriate credentials, but I did get general credentials. I couldn’t go everywhere other photographers could. So immediately I had to deal with adversity. I went around and professionally communicated with the private security firm, the sheriffs, the police and the event organizers, but to no avail. I pushed and shoved and ordered to go here and go there, but I still got my photos.

I have uploaded some to Flickr>>>>San Francisco Giants Victory Parade and Celebration<<<<

I have also posted a few CNN iReports, http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-869894

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