Photographed the memorial held for slain ambassador Chris Stevens at
San Francisco’s City Hall. I cover a lot of events there, but I rarely enjoy
them because mainstream media and or press are just too obnoxious. Some     photographers situate themselves 4 hours in advance just to get a seat on the media platform. The media platforms are never big enough, and some of those folks are downright mean, but despite the adversity I still manage to get nice shot. I use my experience and saavy and look for alternative vantage points, and I get my pics. I really wish that San Francisco’s City Hall would allow cell companies to install cell phone towers inside the building, so the 3G and 4G networks would be more reliable and speedy.

I posted an iReport on CNN and here is the text I included in that post.

On Tuesday October 16, 2012 San Francisco’s City Hall hosted a memorial service for John Christopher Stevens. He was the US Ambassador to Libya and was killed during an attack on the US Consulate in Libya on September 11, 2012. Chris Stevens died of smoke inhalation.
Chris Stevens was born in Grass Valley California and attended many local colleges in the San Francisco Bay area including the University of Berkeley and the Hastings College of the Law, so having the memorial in San Francisco’s City Hall was the appropriate venue.

The event was attended by many family members, politicians and friends. The U.S Marine Corps Honor Guard held the “posting colors” ceremony and The Star Spangled Banner was sung by the University of California Men’s Glee Club Alumni.
The flag in front of San Francisco City Hall was not flown at half-staff because the Giants flag was raised.