The Zaccho Dance Theatre presents “Sailing Away.”
For 4 days in September the Zaccho Dance Threatre group performed on Market Street in San Francisco the story of “seven prominent African-Americans who lived and worked near Market Street during the mid-nineteenth century and the events leading up to the mass exodus of many African-Americans from the free State of California.” Historically it has been called “San Francisco’s Black Exodus of 1858.”
During this era many African-Americans tried to make it in the United States, but facing unrelenting odds, or discrimination, some migrated to Canada.
The Zaccho Dance Theatre is located in the Bayview neighborhood, and is supported by the San Francisco Art’s Commission. The “Sailing Away” public performances are choreographed by Joanna Haigood. More information can be found here

The Zaccho Dance Theatre’s performance of “Sailing Away” is meant to show the stories of seven prominent African American’s who lived and worked near Market Street in the 1800’s.

The “Mirror of Our Times” was an actual weekly publication created by two African American businessmen. Mifflin Gibbs and James Townsend started it in 1857 in response to the discriminatory laws against Blacks in the free State of California. Blacks were still subjected to the “Fugitive Slave Law.”

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