Directed and live-switched a 3 camera production of varsity football game in Contra Costa County

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ImageOn Friday night September 28 2012, set-up and directed 3 camera coverage of a varsity football game in Contra Costa County. Used very old Panasonic 5100HS SD cams and a Tricaster. Was also the video switcher. The game was two hours.

Spotted Coyote Juvenile today in Golden Gate Park

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I went to Golden Gate Park today on a whim. Didn’t want to go, but I did. When I arrived at the sweet spot, fire engines were blazing their sirens through the park close to the area. Thats’ when I heard them. All the Coyotes were howling at the sirens. I ran to the area, and one of the juveniles showed his/her face. I haven’t figured out this ones’ sex yet, but I am figuring it’s male because of the size. I ran into this one after turning in an area. The others’ were dug in to the ground. I suspect they now have multiple dens. At some point the dens merely become hide-outs or rendezvous points for the whole family.

Photographed and Recorded Space Shuttle Endeavours Final Voyage over the SF Bay

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It was a picture perfect day. Sunny, little to no fog, temps in the 60’s, and no wind.
Friday September 21, 2012 at approx. 10:28am the Space Shuttle Endeavour, or Orbital Vehicle 105 passed over the San Francisco Bay Area.
It was the 5th vehicle and was built to replace the Challenger, which had exploded in 1986. Believe it or not the Endeavour was named after the British HMS Endeavour. The HMS Endeavour took Captain Cook on his first voyage, and this vehicle was named through a National competition amongst elementary and secondary schools in the southern part of the United States.
The Endeavour first launched in 1992 and went on 25 missions and flew over 122 million miles.
The Space Shuttle Endeavour is now headed to the California Science Center in Los Angeles. It will travel through the streets of LA on October 13th 2012. More information can be found here, http://www.californiasciencecenter.org/Exhibits/AirAndSpace/endeavour/Mission26/Mission26.php


Waiting on the Space Shuttle Endeavour.

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I am set up East of Crissy Field in San Francisco waiting on the Space Shuttle Endeavour.


Occupy San Francisco One Year Anniversary

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September 17, 2012, Occupiers, protesters, supporters, and victims of the debt and foreclosure crisis took the streets in San Francisco’s Financial District to mark the one year anniversary of the Occupy movement. Many events took place in San Francisco, and all of the events took credit for shutting down many banks in different neighborhoods. And at 5pm there was a mass convergence at 555 California street, which is where many investor groups including Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley are located. At that convergence awards were given to foreclosure fighters, including a 92 year old WW2 veteran, who was or is close to losing his house. After the convergence the protesters and victims of the foreclosure and debt crisis marched through the Financial District thus closing many intersections and streets during rush hour. After the march they stopped in front of the Wells Fargo HQ and held a debt burning demonstration and painted on the streets. This anniversary effectively shutdown many streets in the Financial District and snarled traffic and public transportation all day long.

CNN iReport here >>>>>Occupy San Francisco One Year Anniversary<<<<<<

Photographed The Zaccho Dance Threatre’s street performances of “Sailing Away.”

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The Zaccho Dance Theatre presents “Sailing Away.”
For 4 days in September the Zaccho Dance Threatre group performed on Market Street in San Francisco the story of “seven prominent African-Americans who lived and worked near Market Street during the mid-nineteenth century and the events leading up to the mass exodus of many African-Americans from the free State of California.” Historically it has been called “San Francisco’s Black Exodus of 1858.”
During this era many African-Americans tried to make it in the United States, but facing unrelenting odds, or discrimination, some migrated to Canada.
The Zaccho Dance Theatre is located in the Bayview neighborhood, and is supported by the San Francisco Art’s Commission. The “Sailing Away” public performances are choreographed by Joanna Haigood. More information can be found here http://zaccho.org/

The Zaccho Dance Theatre’s performance of “Sailing Away” is meant to show the stories of seven prominent African American’s who lived and worked near Market Street in the 1800’s.

The “Mirror of Our Times” was an actual weekly publication created by two African American businessmen. Mifflin Gibbs and James Townsend started it in 1857 in response to the discriminatory laws against Blacks in the free State of California. Blacks were still subjected to the “Fugitive Slave Law.”

Flickr Photo Gallery of performances >>>>Here<<<<

Purchased a Canon Rebel T3i

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Yesterday I purchased a new Canon T3i. Wolf Camera is closing down stores in San Francisco, so I went to one of them and a T3i was sitting in the box on a shelf. It was their last one and was selling for $674 plus tax. I even got a new bag for free. It has some exciting features, some of which I know nothing about, but I will learn and use it and exploit it to its full potential. Hopefully most of the work you’ll see coming out of me in the future will be done using my the Canon Rebel T3i. I do also currently own two Canon Rebel XTi’s, and both have made me thousands of dollars and have brought out the best when it comes to my photography work.

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