Directed and live-switched a 3 camera production of varsity football game in Contra Costa County

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ImageOn Friday night September 28 2012, set-up and directed 3 camera coverage of a varsity football game in Contra Costa County. Used very old Panasonic 5100HS SD cams and a Tricaster. Was also the video switcher. The game was two hours.

Spotted Coyote Juvenile today in Golden Gate Park

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I went to Golden Gate Park today on a whim. Didn’t want to go, but I did. When I arrived at the sweet spot, fire engines were blazing their sirens through the park close to the area. Thats’ when I heard them. All the Coyotes were howling at the sirens. I ran to the area, and one of the juveniles showed his/her face. I haven’t figured out this ones’ sex yet, but I am figuring it’s male because of the size. I ran into this one after turning in an area. The others’ were dug in to the ground. I suspect they now have multiple dens. At some point the dens merely become hide-outs or rendezvous points for the whole family.

Photographed and Recorded Space Shuttle Endeavours Final Voyage over the SF Bay

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It was a picture perfect day. Sunny, little to no fog, temps in the 60’s, and no wind.
Friday September 21, 2012 at approx. 10:28am the Space Shuttle Endeavour, or Orbital Vehicle 105 passed over the San Francisco Bay Area.
It was the 5th vehicle and was built to replace the Challenger, which had exploded in 1986. Believe it or not the Endeavour was named after the British HMS Endeavour. The HMS Endeavour took Captain Cook on his first voyage, and this vehicle was named through a National competition amongst elementary and secondary schools in the southern part of the United States.
The Endeavour first launched in 1992 and went on 25 missions and flew over 122 million miles.
The Space Shuttle Endeavour is now headed to the California Science Center in Los Angeles. It will travel through the streets of LA on October 13th 2012. More information can be found here, http://www.californiasciencecenter.org/Exhibits/AirAndSpace/endeavour/Mission26/Mission26.php


Waiting on the Space Shuttle Endeavour.

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I am set up East of Crissy Field in San Francisco waiting on the Space Shuttle Endeavour.


Occupy San Francisco One Year Anniversary

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September 17, 2012, Occupiers, protesters, supporters, and victims of the debt and foreclosure crisis took the streets in San Francisco’s Financial District to mark the one year anniversary of the Occupy movement. Many events took place in San Francisco, and all of the events took credit for shutting down many banks in different neighborhoods. And at 5pm there was a mass convergence at 555 California street, which is where many investor groups including Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley are located. At that convergence awards were given to foreclosure fighters, including a 92 year old WW2 veteran, who was or is close to losing his house. After the convergence the protesters and victims of the foreclosure and debt crisis marched through the Financial District thus closing many intersections and streets during rush hour. After the march they stopped in front of the Wells Fargo HQ and held a debt burning demonstration and painted on the streets. This anniversary effectively shutdown many streets in the Financial District and snarled traffic and public transportation all day long.

CNN iReport here >>>>>Occupy San Francisco One Year Anniversary<<<<<<

Photographed The Zaccho Dance Threatre’s street performances of “Sailing Away.”

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The Zaccho Dance Theatre presents “Sailing Away.”
For 4 days in September the Zaccho Dance Threatre group performed on Market Street in San Francisco the story of “seven prominent African-Americans who lived and worked near Market Street during the mid-nineteenth century and the events leading up to the mass exodus of many African-Americans from the free State of California.” Historically it has been called “San Francisco’s Black Exodus of 1858.”
During this era many African-Americans tried to make it in the United States, but facing unrelenting odds, or discrimination, some migrated to Canada.
The Zaccho Dance Theatre is located in the Bayview neighborhood, and is supported by the San Francisco Art’s Commission. The “Sailing Away” public performances are choreographed by Joanna Haigood. More information can be found here http://zaccho.org/

The Zaccho Dance Theatre’s performance of “Sailing Away” is meant to show the stories of seven prominent African American’s who lived and worked near Market Street in the 1800’s.

The “Mirror of Our Times” was an actual weekly publication created by two African American businessmen. Mifflin Gibbs and James Townsend started it in 1857 in response to the discriminatory laws against Blacks in the free State of California. Blacks were still subjected to the “Fugitive Slave Law.”

Flickr Photo Gallery of performances >>>>Here<<<<

Purchased a Canon Rebel T3i

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Yesterday I purchased a new Canon T3i. Wolf Camera is closing down stores in San Francisco, so I went to one of them and a T3i was sitting in the box on a shelf. It was their last one and was selling for $674 plus tax. I even got a new bag for free. It has some exciting features, some of which I know nothing about, but I will learn and use it and exploit it to its full potential. Hopefully most of the work you’ll see coming out of me in the future will be done using my the Canon Rebel T3i. I do also currently own two Canon Rebel XTi’s, and both have made me thousands of dollars and have brought out the best when it comes to my photography work.

Urban Coyotes: Photographing Coyotes and their pups in Golden Gate Park.

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In March 2012, I heard on the police scanner that there was a confrontation between two unleashed pit bulls and Coyotes in Golden Gate Park. I thought about what I heard for a day and conducted some research. One day later I went to the location of that scene. I will not disclose the location, but through some of my pictures you may figure it out. I wanted to keep it a secret because what I was about to experience became one of the most precious photographic adventures of my life, and I wanted that preserved, and additionally society has been cruel and unkind to Coyotes in urban areas, especially parks. This park is one of San Francisco’s biggest parks, and is home to many different species of wildlife. People walk their pet dogs there, and parents and their children enjoy it as their own. What I was about to experience has been a dream come true. I will post throughout this blog the many different confrontations and opportunities that I experienced when photographing Urban Coyotes.  I have produced a story on Yahoo’s Voices site and have uploaded numerous pictures on Flickr just so society or the public knows how precious Coyotes are to our world.

Coyote; aka American Jackal, Prairie Wolf, or “Canis Latrans” are now living in, or den-ing in urban areas including San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. There are 10 confirmed Coyotes in the city limits of San Francisco.

And recently unleashed pet dog’s are being taunted and or harassed by Coyotes who are protecting their den. This video shows a Rottweiler facing off with Coyotes. The Rottweiler was unleashed.

In the city of St. Francis(San Francisco) who was the “patron saint of animals” all animals are welcome; however in the 2010 census indicates pet dogs now outnumber children.
As a photographer and animal lover I started hanging out and photographing the Coyotes in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. While hanging out and talking with pet dog owners, and people who do not own pet dogs, I discovered that attitudes about Coyotes in Golden Gate Park varied. For instance on the weekend of Bay to Breakers I over-heard men say they “would chase the Coyote down with sticks and kill them if they taunted or harassed their dogs.” Other comments I have heard were that the Coyotes should be protected at all costs and they should be afforded more right’s to exist in urban areas than pet dogs. In 2007 federal authorities were called in to shoot two Coyotes who had lived in that park, so the city mobilized, and according to the website “Project Coyote” they started “emphasizing co-existence.”
Animal Care and Control went so far as to issue a stern written statement about the Coyotes in Golden Gate Park. San Francisco Health Code 41.12 states it is “unlawful for the owner or guardian of any animal, other than a domestic cat, to permit said animal to run at large within the City and County.” Violating that code can result in a fine and or confiscation of the animal. By the way it is illegal to relocate and or trap wildlife in that park.
While hanging out and photographing the Coyotes in Golden Gate Park I was nipped at and jumped on by unleashed pet dogs, but I sat down ten feet from a Coyote and was never attacked nor taunted by the Coyote. As a matter of fact it seemed, me and the Coyote bonded.
Co-existence is possible with a little respect and caring, and according to the website Project Coyote “education, science and advocacy” will help citizens of San Francisco understand that we must all co-exist. This is the city of St. Francis and living here means we should try to enjoy and nurture the wildlife that lives in our city.
There are many resources for citizens to learn how to co-exist with the wildlife including “Project Coyote” http://projectcoyote.org/index.html
And San Francisco Animal Care and Control Department. http://www.sfgov2.org/index.aspx?page=1056

It is also recommended that we as people try to avoid feeding the wildlife especially Coyotes because they can get the same illnesses and diseases as pet dogs.

When I came face to face with the Coyotes in Golden Gate Park, I never felt scared nor threathened, and at all times I felt I was in the presence of the World’s smartest canine species. I have uploaded many videos on Youtube that show they just mind their own business and just interested in eating and taking care of their young.(pups)

Newborn Coyotes are called pups. They are self-regulating which means they will only have as many pups are the area can handle. In other words, if the area is small and lack’s an abundant food supply they will have fewer pups. They can have anywhere between 3-12 pups. The female parent chooses the birth den, and the male parent is not aloud in that den until they are ready to eat solid food. At the point the male parent steps in and feeds them by regurgerating the food he ate during the day. The pups are born blind, and must drink milk from the female parents milk supply. After 12 weeks they move the den into another location. When the Coyotes know they will have pups and during the time they are raising them they become very protective. They are some of the best parents in the world. That’s one reason why they confront unleashed pet dogs.

I knew where the den was located after the pups were born and I discovered the den after the 12 week period.  So after the 12 week period I hung out in the area everyday sometimes for 8 hours a day just waiting to catch a glimpse of the pups.
Keep in mind Golden Gate Park is a deadly place to be, for instance a man had been found dead in a location near the Coyote den, SFGate or The Chronicle published a report about that scene. The link is here >>>>Man Found Dead in Golden Gate Park<<<
He was not killed by Coyotes by possible by natural means or by one of the many transients that inhabit that park. But I seized on this opportunity and stuck with it, and what I was about to capture was literally a dream come true.
I documented many of the confrontations and experiences I had while photographing Urban Coyotes, Facebook, and Twitter.

In this encounter the male parent checks me out. I noticed him foraging for food. I sat down, and he got closer and closer until he was 10 feet from me, and then I snapped this photo. Coyote Encounter #1

During this photo opportunity of the young pups, the female parent had snuck up on me and walked right by me. That photo was taken while I was on a golf course, which was tough because the course is used constantly all day and I had to get into position between gholfers.

In this photo the female parent is merely 20 feet from me, and she just wanted to eat, and go about her business.

A constant thread is the fact that I either picked the photos where the Coyotes were looking at me, or the Coyotes were actually looking at me.

According to the group Project Coyote Coyotes are a keystone species, which means “a species whose presence and role within an ecosystem has a disproportionate effect on other organisms within the system. A keystone species is often a dominant predator whose removal allows a prey population to explode and often decreases overall diversity,” so in my opinion we should learn to co-exist with Coyotes. Instead of lashing out and shooting them. Since people are living in areas previously inhabitated by wildlife, steps can be taken to prevent Coyotes from impacting or causing harm to your lives and pets, and according to Project Coyote co-existence can be achieved through “education, science and advocacy.”

Congressman George Miller speaks at Labor Day Picnic

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Check it out, videography by me. Congressman George Miller (D-CA) 7th District speaks at Contra Costa County Labor Council Labor Day picnic. Contra Costa County has also had many problems, and it is where many refineries exist.


Civil Disobedience at the De Young Museum in San Francisco on a Friday night.

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On Friday September 7th 2012 people from the local union SEIU 1021 blocked the entrance to San Francisco’s most famed art museum. 19 were arrested, and the attendees at the museums “Friday Nights at the Museum” were also greeted with loud chants and singing and civil disobedience.

The De Young museum was originally opened as a “Fine Arts Building, and was constructed in Golden Gate Park for the California Midwinter International Exposition in 1894.” It houses over 27,000 collections and has seen some of the worlds most talented and creative artist’s works for at least a century.

According to Anna Bakalis, from SEIU 1021, the management at that museum is intimidating, and using “anti-worker tactics” to make cuts to the salaries of the “least paid workers” in that museum.

So members of the Service Employees International Union marched in on the museums Friday nights at the museum event and chanted and sang and blocked the entrance in hopes of urging management to stop withholding information used in collective bargaining, and stop lowering wages of the lowest paid workers, and stop giving the managers raises.

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