Aerial Footage of Deceased Gray Whale in Half Moon Bay, CA

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Started a fundraiser for my Citizen Journalism work

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4th Trapped Raccoon Released Humanely

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4th Raccoon released humanely by me and the homeowner. Raccoons can be pests. They are cute, and lovable, but they like to destroy homes and the things around homes. So sometimes the raccoon has to be trapped and relocated to better environs, where they won’t have to be trapped ever again. Trapping them in cages is 100% more humane than poisoning them. Besides poisoning them means you have to smell dead animals for weeks. Nowadays, poisons have a trickle down effect on the community, which means any animals can eat the poison, or some animals will eat other animals that have been poisoned. I hope that makes sense.
Anyhow the raccoon released this morning was full of energy when it was let out of the cage. The locations where the raccoon’s are released should be kept confidential.

Another Trapped Raccoon Released Humanely

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Wildlife Photography Term

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Me and a few other photogs I’ve met in Golden Gate Park have coined a new photography term. Watch the video and learn what that term is.

Bison/Buffalo paddock breach in Golden Gate Park.

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Approximately 7:10pm I went looking for the owls in an area near the bison paddock in Golden Gate Park. Then I noticed a ladder type of set-up that went into an area where the buffalo go and eat and hang out. This is what I noticed.

Ladder set- up on fence to bison paddock using police barriers Ladder set- up on fence to bison paddock using police barriers Ladder set- up on fence to bison paddock using police barriers Ladder set- up on fence to bison paddock using police barriers

I called the rangers and they responded. I think they were a bit shocked.

Photographing a deceased whale on a California beach.

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Around April 14th 2015, a deceased whale had been reported on a beach near Sharp Park in Pacifica California. Immediately some people stated it showed signs of trauma, but no broken bones were found. Scientists and researchers were picking it apart and trying to determine how it died. But there was no conclusion, and the 50 foot decaying sperm whale still lies on a beach near Mori Point in Pacifica. Photos show it is decaying and seemingly melting back into the earth, but that didn’t stop people from defacing the carcass, and exploiting the whales blubber for entertainment.

Mori Point Decaying sperm whale

I visited the whale twice, and on the second visit I had noticed the whale had been graffiti’d up and the whales body parts or huge bits of blubber were scattered all over the beach. The smell is not that bad, but I would not allow any of the ocean water to splash the whales decaying juices to get on you, or you will have flies following you around all day long.

Blubber Beach aka Sharp Park Beach A Graffiti'd up dead sperm whale

I had also noticed that on my second visit people were trying to take some of it’s body parts like the fins etc.

But I can say in the past when whales were killed every part of the whale was used and not wasted.

Decaying sperm whale Decaying sperm whale

The whale had it’s lower jaw taken and the eyes were removed. I did see squid beaks in the guts, but I did not touch them.

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