Day Tripping to Point Reyes National Seashore

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I’ve been going to the Point Reyes National Seashore ever since I moved to California. I have hiked all over that area, but I have not camped out there yet. I have stayed at the Point Reyes Hostel. The hostel is nice, and so are the people who work and stay there. I used to really enjoy stopping at the Drakes Bay Oyster Company and eating raw oyster’s. Loved that place, but recently the Federal government shut them down. I have encountered, Coyotes, raccoons, elephant seals, deer, elk, skunk, mountain lion’s, and plenty of bird types. It is my belief Point Reyes National Seashore is one of the biggest and most natural wildlife refuge’s in California and maybe the West Coast. There is more wildlife in Point Reyes than in a zoo. Limantour Spit and Beach is my favorite spot. I have had at least 5 very scary wildlife encounters that turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me. The time a Coyote growled at me because I disturbed it while it, was eating a leg from a recent kill, or the time I took a shortcut, but it turned out to be a wildlife trail and in front of me was a small mountain lion and it didn’t even know I was behind it. The many intimate moments hearing the cry of the Tule Elk, was amazing, but I will keep that aspect of Point Reyes a secret. Elk are observant, they read their intentions, they are real, and they thrive in Point Reyes. Even though I write about Point Reyes, I still have my secret spots that I will never tell anyone about. I have made Point Reyes National Seashore my own.

A FB post about a recent visit; ” People were very observant of what I was doing today at Point Reyes. I got solitude, put my    feet in the water, explored some ruins, and relaxed, but the conversations I got in with strangers were intense. For some reason, whenever I visit Point Reyes, I meet people. It’s cool. It’s a very social wilderness. Day trippers run into each other numerous times, so they seem to observe what others’ focus on. For me it was the garbage and the tar balls. Everyone flocked to me when I pointed out the plastic garbage and the tar balls. Rangers know about the tar balls. Similar stuff washed ashore in southern California. And I did indeed see debris from the Japanese Tsunami. Several pieces of a pier. The pieces are sequestered on the beach.
But it’s still Heaven on earth….

The Gold Coast The Gold Coast Cliff at Drakes Beach

More aerial photos of Golden Gate Park

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Aerial shot North Lake Golden Gate Park

Aerial shot North Lake Golden Gate Park

Aerial shot North Lake Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park Golf Course

Beach Chalet Soccer field under construction

Went flying today. I had people watching me this time. And of course I had to educate them all. A bit of wind today. A lot of down drafts. I’d go higher and the wind would knock it down a few feet. One of the pics is an aerial shot of North Lake in Golden Gate Park. One pic is of a gold course. And the other pic is the shot of the Beach Chalet Soccer field.
Had a quandary today. I wanted to go up in other areas, but the birds get curious. So I decided to not fly around the Hummingbird’s and the Ravens.

Vandals destroying wildlife habitats in Golden Gate Park

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Hacked by a vandal

Tree limb hacked by vandals

Wildlife habitat attracts tourists

Wildlife habitat attracts tourists, children and parents

A wildlife habitat is being vandalized in Golden Gate Park.

Hacked by a vandal

Loving my DJI Phantom drone

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Something that occurs when I take my quadcopter out to the park. I get lots of looky-lou’s. But I educate and teach each and every person who strikes up a conversation about it, in hopes of getting kids hooked on the technology. I feel children now will be using them more often in the future. Plus it seems the people who do strike up conversations about the drones are people who go to the Makers Faire’s. Each and every time, the people who asked about the quadcopter, mentioned they attend the annual Makers Faire in San Mateo.

Aerial shot Aerial shot of Bercut field Aerial shot

More aerial photography or videography works.

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Check out the video’s here >>>>>Getting Wildlife used to Technology<<<<<

Took quadcopter up higher in Golden Gate Park. >>>>>>Aerial Flight Golden Gate Park<<<<<

I only own the Phantom 1 quad by DJI. It is not as advanced or stable as the other more expensive quads, but it does okay. It is subject to the weather though. I constantly have to monitor the winds.

“Project Coyote” speech and presentation at the Presidio Officers Club.

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Coyotes are in our midst, they are in urban parks, they are in our neighborhoods, and sightings and encounters are more prevalent as ever. Coyotes are often misunderstood, and they are often shot mercilessly in the name of protecting livestock and pets. Coyotes inhabit many areas in San Francisco including Bernal Heights, Twin Peaks, Golden Gate Park, the
Presidio, and the Lincoln Park area. When people spot them their are often two reactions,scared or interested.

The Presidio Officers club is hosting a weekly speaker series called the Presidio Dialogues, and a non profit called “Project Coyote” was invited to speak at that event on November 6th, 2014. Project Coyote is “based in Northern California, and they work to change negative attitudes toward coyotes, wolves and other native carnivores by replacing ignorance and fear with understanding, respect and appreciation.” The speaker Camilla H. Fox, MA has over 15 years experience in leadership positions at the “Animal Protection Institute, FurBearer Defenders, and Rainforest Action Network.” She has “spearheaded
campaigns aimed at protecting native carnivores and fostering humane and ecologically sound solutions to human-wildlife
conflicts.” Project Coyote in essence educates and promotes coexistence with Coyotes and other Canids instead of the alternate which is hunting and killing them. Coyotes are apex predators, which means their presence in our communities is important to the balance of nature.

At least 55 people attended the speech and presentation, and the audience in general are very accepting of Coyotes. The presentation included sights and sounds of Coyotes via a slide show, and when the Coyote sounds played the audience loved it. Other highlights included ways to scare off Coyotes and ways to defend yourself from a Coyote. Coexistence was the main theme of the speech, and livestock owners are the targets of that concept because it is alleged that Coyotes kill livestock, or at least taunt them until they are injured and then become more vulnerable to an attack. Livestock owners
sometimes support Coyote killing contests. Project Coyote gives livestock owners ideas on how to coexist with Coyotes, and some of those ideas include bringing on livestock guardian dogs, or even raising llamas alongside their stock. Llama’s do not like any kind of dog and will run off a Coyote. Fox says people can create shaker cans, or carry walking sticks, or even use water to scare off Coyotes.

Squirrel Clan Buddha?

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Squirrel Buddha in Golden Gate Park

Spotted this squirrel clan Buddha in Golden Gate Park

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